Monday, December 7, 2009

New winner IS!!!!!!! As well as Working with resin.

One more winner this week as murtogen Het never emailed me to claim his prize. With the other two winners who did contact me that leaves one spot. The new winner is TYLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so please email me by Friday at 11:59 pm on dec the 11th to claim your prize. My email address is Now for this blog I wanted to chat about some basics of working with resin. I am at work so sadly no pics to be able to post, but I figure I will give you all the low down on how to get the smoothest/cleanist resin pieces for your gaming needs.

First off we will need some basic tools. I love to use files(Yes files not sand paper), a dremel, x-acto knife, and more importantly eye and nose protection.

-Too start off you will want to take your x-acto knife and scrap away at the models flash. This is only the first of at least two to three times you will do this so be carefull. After doing this initial cleaning of the piece at hand you will want to wash the piece under luke warm water. Of coarse not hot as heat and easily warp resin. We will then after the model is dry litghtly scrape along the affected areas again this is to insure that there is no major flash once we use the dremel. Rinse one more time accept you will want to bring your dremel in with you. While the model is wet you will take the dremel and begin to bring it over the models rough areas. Doing this with constant use of water application will insure that the resin particles don't fly up in the air and settle all over your work station. Instead the resin will look like a past which will make it easy to work it and clean off.

Once you are sure the model is where you want it to be I would then put the model under cold running water and take your file and lightly file the area's that the dremel has gone over. This will remove any final surface corrosion that may have occured during the whole proces. Let the model dry for a couple of hours, and when it is done you will have an amazingly smooth piece of resin.

Now through all of this most people(myself once upon a time included) will not wear eye and mouth protection. People this is serious as resin believe it or not is in it's most basic form FIBER GLASS!!!!!!!! This stuff ingested over long periods of time can cause eternal damage to your body. If you feel like spending the doe ray me then their is great face mask for painting that costs around $30.00, but personally I enjoy using the cheap 3 for $4.99 ones I find at the harware store. Hopefully tonight when I get home I can get some pics done up for you all and repost them into this, but if not just remember people, your resin models are expensive so don't you feel they deserve a little extra attention in building, and painting them?

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