Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to traitor Gaurd Armor Part 2

Greetings all, well I meant as usual to post sooner on this but the job can interfear in many aspects of the hobby, but I have made a lot of progress on my adepticon army and will be posting pics in the weeks to come. That said I have also been finishing up the other contest winner from my dec. 09 blog so it has been a very busy week. All this coupled with doing a FOW AFRIKA KORP commission that is also almost complete So without futher Ado the final installment of the how to traitor gaurd armor

If you remember we left off with a wash of Badab Black. Now this will darken the tone drastically so make sure you thin it a little more then you want. This way you minimize the chances of messing up and can do multiple coats.

To finish you will take Mithril silver and paint either in lines or as I like to do in ticks around the edges where ever you please. This is so show ever nicely the chips the trooper would have in their armor. Well hopefully you find this usefull but I decided to add some WIP of the commission contest winner, as well as some pics from my game night last week.

Here's Some pics from game night. Had a blast of a game testing out some khorne bezerkers vs Gil's space wolf drop pod army. Great army great paint job, and was a blast of a game.

till Next time fellow bloggers!

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