Friday, March 12, 2010

Criticism vs advice

So recently I was perusing some forums while waiting for data to upload at work,and I noticed some talk about a amature company I really like. Now this company is all about giving new sculptors a break and I for one say cheers to that and as such they have produced some really solid stuff. some realy crappy stuff too but lets be honest even GW has produced some horrible minis(more then people will admit too). Now I mossyed my way over to warseer and read up some threads there and noticed some chatting about this company I so love and read the forum threads post for post and let me just say wow!

Several individuals were just bashing and saying they were offering criticsm and advice, but no were did they say what they would like to see or how to achieve the constant "advice" of "more detail". This was their "advice" in their posts and had nothing to the effect of hey maybe add a holster or a couple of straps across the back in an X shape as this will do this effect. Nope instead was "you suck, they suck, and MORE DETAIL".

Now when do "advice" cross the threshold and become pure negative critcism? Now I admit too I have said some mean things at times to painters,as we all have, but I tell them what I don't like and why. I don't just leave it as "you suck now improve" as this no matter how tick your skin is will hurt your feelings. I was a grunt in the Active Infantry for almost 5 years and am still in the military(computer now though), and if you just kept saying over and over that I suck but not give any actual criticism well I would probably pop you one in the eye. I hate to say that as I am relatively a non-violent person anymore in my life, but that just "grinds my gears(here's to you peter griffon)". So I want everyone to think because it seems negativity is streaming more so into our hobby and people are removing the fun and social side of it and replacing it with the holier then thou belief.

Now I feel if you don't know something then learn it don't complain to others so I ordered myself some dollies from reaper, some brown,grey, and green stuff and some clay shappers, and away I go.

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