Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Further explanation on blog contest!!

Ok to many people are over thinking this so I am going to say this as simply as possible. I am just looking for an idea for a gamming company name and a design. You do not need to be a graphic artist, or a professional painter just come up with a drawing email it to me, and have a name attached to it. If I like it I will give you $50.00 of dragonforge product of your choosing. Now their is a secondary prize for just being on the blog. The winner has to be a follower and will be given...wait for it... $25.00 of their choosing. I thought this would be a really simple way to hand out some cool swag, but it seems some people are thinking to in depth. Thats cool, and thank you for it but I just want to know what do you think a cool name for a gamming company is that is not taken. Also what is a cool design, you can come up with it and I may modify it a little or not at all but draw something, makes a jpeg doesn't matter just have FUN!!!

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