Monday, April 18, 2011

Samurai Army up for grabs!!! Sold

That's right I have decided to clear out the shelves and start some new progects, but to do that I want to open up some space in the basement. So I figured I would clear out the Perry Miniatures Samurai army I have. This army is pretty massive by any standard comming with at over 200+ models of all perry miniatures. My initial plan was to actually build up several warbands of these for large scale games but I just don't have the money or the time to do it at the moment. I am looking for one of several sales for this. Somone can either buy the whole lot at $1050 or buy the painted units at $200 a unit or the unpainted at $2.00 each. I am for the most part sticking on the overall price, but would be willing to entertain other offers if they are reasonable. If you buy the whole lot I will give free shipping to the buyer, and all of the movement trays and stuff. Also for an extra $50 I am willing to throw in the xboard display base. Alrighty people here it is:
Here is a list of everything in it.
-36 Samurai with katana painted
-72 ashigaru with naginata painted
-1 general on horse with two retainers painted
-1 army standard painted
-1 lord on foot painted with katana
-9 cavalry with katanas cleaned
-8 monks with assorted weapons primed
-11 monks unpainted
-11 models of generals with tokugawa unpainted
-15 civilians with assorted weapons unpainted
-47 ashigaru unpainted
-5 ashigaru with flintlock rifles
-23 sashimo banners
-84 naginatas on sprue

Alrighty people if your interested email me at alexanderakers (at) yahoo (dot) com. Their is minor wear but all in all this army is in amazing condition and won me the overall in the doubles at adepticon this year.

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