Friday, August 26, 2011

The Road too Da Boyz GT

Allllll righty then, well another few weeks and a few more models painted for the Da Boyz GT that will be at the end of Oct. As such I have been somewhat hard at work on these grey knights. Overall the work on them is easy and requires very little challenge on my part but if you get too see them in person they are far better then the pictures honestly. The lighter colors and lack of heavy contrast does not play well for photography but in person these are a delight and hopefully will do well in scoring at the DA Boyz for painting. After the GK's I am going too break my rule again (of not painting armies) and start work on a heavily converted Dark Eldar army for the Saint Valentines day Massacre in Media Penn. From there it's Macedonians for Adepticon then onto the demon progects for next year. In between stuff here and there but overall that's the shedule. Anyways onto the pics. First off we have the converted Librarian who is teh HQ for the army.  Not a ton down sculpting wise minus I replaces parts of his arms and threw on some Dragonforge coils. All in all fun model:
Next up we have the first squad. Now I know they have no backpacks but for my own sanity I always do those at the very end of the army. So I will be doing 18 back packs at once upon completion of everything else.
A couple Singles Shots
Yes I know his barrel drillings off line.
Yes the eyes are suppossed too look a litte spilled over as when you see it up close it gives a radiating light source look. Next up the first four termies:
The one with the read swords in the squads is always the squad leader since he is master crafted. It was a easy way of setting him apart. Finally a rear shot of one of the termies.
Well there you have it for now. Still on the list for the army is two troop squads like the one up top, a landraider reedeemer, and a dreadknight. I hope you all enjoy this sneak peaks and just wait as even these models aren't done. BTW if anyone is wondering the bases are from so go check them out. I garuntee you won't be disapointed!
Until then keep painting people and have a great weekend.

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