Sunday, October 21, 2012

NEWCC 40k!

Greetings My fellow Bloggers and blog readers!

          So yesterday I had the joy of playing in not only my first game of 6th edition WH 40K but also my first tourney of it as well. NEWCC has been going for a few years now and is a club challenge open to any clubs in the North East as it rotates on location to the winning clubs choice of host locations. This year it was WH40k and it will flip between 40k and WHF every year so I definately look forward to some fantasy for next year:). I am very happy to say that though my club did not take home the trophey we did take home best sportsmanship as well as best painted so to me that was just as good:) (if not a little better as I don't have to plan out all of the details for next year).

Here's some pictures so enjoy people:):

Here's a couple of the armys I took quick photographs of. Both of these belonged to the winning blub and actually the top one was two seperate players. Each list was required to be 1250pts with a minimum of 1200pts (cough this blogger cough).

Here we have some of the players, the two in the last picture were of my team :).

A couple shots of my Necrons in action against well... Necrons. I only took pictures of the first battle as I needed to concentrate a little more then I was as this was also my first outing with my Necrons!
Here's our Gracious host Keith who also does a wonderful job organizing and running the Temple-con 40k GT. As you can see he is preparing for the winter by letting his face warmer grow in!
A picture of the revolving trophey, I wish I had held up a ruler or something as this thing is honestly not that small.

Finally our new NEWCC Champions the Cold Steel Mercs! As Alex made abundantly clear it seems next years event will be held in Conn. which is a far closer drive then Penn(sorry NE Big Gunz) so I look forward to it.

All in all it was a fun event that and I enjoyed myself immensely as good people, clean atmosphere (importantly as I utterly hate dingy stores) and several very nice looking armys. Though my club placed last that was fine as like I said we took home half of the awards anyways and we had no major plans going into it to win just to have fun and throw some dice. I will say Cheers to all of those who competed and grats to the C.S.M as it really was a great event.


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