Monday, October 5, 2009

Boxer Rebellion..PT1

Soon to be posted will be some pictures of a boxer rebellion commission I have been tasked with. This is a first for me as I can say I have never painted from that time period what so ever but I do look forward to the new challenge of it. After the BOxer's models I get to delve back into a FOW commission for some excellent Afrika Korpse models. I do confess that I particularly like these models, and always do look forward to getting commissions for them.
With all that going on in life I am still continueing to plan out my soon to be wedding in March of 2010, and trying to find a more perminate position that pays higher in my job. Working for the Gov't has its benefits I will profess. Anyways hopefully my followers will start to grow for this blog, and until they do I will continue to post upon models upcomming and such. I plan on purchasing professtional camera equipment so as to better upload the quality of models painted(plus I love photography as a hobby). Once I get a better camera I will start posting pics to this blog. If anyone has a desire for a painting commission I have great affordable rates and I garuntee top painting scores in any tourney you compete in. Please feel free to contact me at .Talk to you soon and be sure to look for me on ebay as Roguevalleyminis .

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