Tuesday, October 27, 2009

FTW collabrative post

Well recently I recieved an email from the FTW group which I am so happily appart of asking me to blog about what my favorite must have unit is. This put me into some indepth thought I must profess as I seldom honestly ever thought about it. For many gamers they know that OOO I need 3 landraiders, or I must have some pretorians(I know mispelled) for a roman army. Often those stuff like this I feel is by no means assoc. with having a soft spot in their hearts for the unit as much as it is wanting the strong unit for game play.

I am one of those gamers and yes we are out there that seldom ever cares if I win. I have and I will admit in almost 90 games of warhammer fantasy never one a single one tied 2. Some of these loses I am proud to admit were at grand tournements. I derive my pleasure in painting and sportsmanship. I enjoy more then anything kicking back with my buddies watching a movie and just building or painting some minis. This is to me what hobbies in general are about.

I digressed and for that I apologize honestly I would have to say for my warhammer40k I have to have bikes. Just something about them screams awsomeness. I have always wanted to learn how to ride in real life but sadly dont for a multiple of reasons. I think that bikes also have to do with my time in the active army. I was on a stryker in one of the original brigades they created and took the thrill of riding into battle(which I actually am proud to say I have done). The speed at which bikes can move and just the sheer joy of getting some dice rolling early in the game makes me happy. So to all you fellow gamers out there I want to hear from you on what your favorite unit is, and also spread the word about this blog as I would love to extend this community even further as it gets some great modeling ideas involved. As always I am accepting commission and if you want to drop me a line feel free. Even if you have a question on anything I am doing I am more then happy to share. On that note fellow bloggers I bid you a good afternoon.


  1. I think this might be mocked by quite a few people but i think that possibly my favourite unit in the game is actually the tactical squad. Its so versatile and brilliant in every single way. I love it :) Then again i also have a soft spot in my heart for harlequins due to there concentrated awesomeness.

  2. nothing wrong with that. This is one of those things that has no wrong answer only personal:)