Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Progress on the 6in grey knight!!

Ok since my time is limited I am just copying what I wrote on coolmini and reposting to all of the other forums and blogs that I am apart of.:

Ok so I have been working on this believe it or not. Like I said this is somewhat slow going but being it is the first "big" progect I am not really wanting to mess up. As such I took some advice from JRN and redid some of the chest work, and advice on how to work on the detailing. This has actually helped me emmensly as it is making the progect easier to sculpt, and thus meaning their is less for me to cut away and redo.

Here you can see the arm as that is probably the only part of this model complete atm. I still have a lot of work to do on the gun but it is moving along. When the gun is complete their will be a handle bar under the palm, and a butterfly trigger by the thumb as this seems the most practical way they would be able to shot these(be mindfull fluff wise they only carry 20 rounds).

As you can see I am having to resculpt body parts that I cut away and as such I needed to do the connecting parts between the armor. This was suprisingly easier then I though, and I knocked that out while watching NCIS LA . As well as more work on the gun.
Finally I cut deeper into the chest because instead of the plaques I wanted to do the ingrained texting on the armor. Though it really says nothing I think it is far better then before. I may redo the book a bit on the chest, but I may wait till the end to see how it all matches up.

Well there you have it I am not fast with this like others so updates will be slow but I am suprisingly intrigued with this progect so I will actually finish it. For those of you btw wondering what happened to lord Nelson well... he decided to take a bath in Simple Green yesterday, and will be restarted soon. The face was just really annoying me so I had to start over. This time I will start with the face directly.

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