Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And the winners are....

toon in next week as this week I am bringing to you another episode of terrance and phillip...

JK bad humor I know:
Gold: Jason Buyaki
Silver: Lenny Caira
Bronze: Mistress Of minis

I will try and get some pics out this week as I am posting this from work, but could the winners please send me an email at the address with what they desire as their winings.

Now I wanted to shoot a plug out to this great charity fund raiser that a bunch of fellow bloggers are producing. They will paint a outstanding army of spacemarines that you can win all for a buck. Yep thats rights by donating a dollar you are entered to win, and for every dollar more you get another shot at winning. I know I will be putting in money every paycheck(as I already have) since I love the charity they are working for " Doctors without Boarders", and am a strong supporter of charity. If anyone of you have one you are interested in raising money for let me know as I have no problem painting models to be sold off. Without adu heres the link to dave taylors blog with a description.

Finally the next contest will be hopefully soon as I will be giving out $50.00 in dragonforge bases, and in case you were wondering that will be once we hit 50 followers, and I entend to do even more at 100 followers. So thank you all for entering and keep painting as I can't wait to see what you all produce.

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