Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Runic miniatures Little princess... and two devil dogs:)!

Well I though I would kick this off with some pics of a great miniature I have been working on lately. This model comes from the talented mind of Jakob Rune Neilson http://www.runicminiatures.dk/index.php. Let me say that this is actually one top notch model that he origonally created with inspiration from his daughter. I am having a blast with this mini, and already have a second one that I will be doing ... more of a ... darker purpose with. The second will be demonic:). Well without adu here's the pics.
Here is a front view I took while sitting at the computer desk.
Here is a pic of the frog familiar she is holding. Now normally I hate familiars as well I suck at them, but this one was fun, and wasy to do. Also I am not fully done with it but I worked namely on it while watching ghost hunters halloween live episode(Ghost adventures is better but another topic for another time).
just another front pic.
A pic of the cape. Now I am by no means done with this model, and only have 3 hours sunk into it, but I think it is comming along smashingly.

Finally I though I would post a quick pick from this halloween as it is my favorite holiday of the year!!!!!
Here's the devil dogs all dressed up, and ready to hand out candy. Last year the Min Pin (peanut) was Heffner the playboy pimp! Saddly we were all a little upset because we only had 7 trickor treaters, now this painter has 4 bags of candy and is getting tired of eating it(except the butterfingers.. yum). Well their it is people. I hope you enjoy this, and I will be posting more pics of her while I work/ finish this one up.

Also I will be attending adepticon with the wife, and playing just warhammer historicals that weekend and doing classes, so if you see us say howdy.

Finally Battleroadgames.com is almost live!!!! We have finished most of the site, and the web designer is busy uploading and setting up the store so once that goes live let the shopping begin!! As usual keep painting and see you next time, and thanks for reading.

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