Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When lines are crossed!!

So instead of posting pics of WIP or talking about some of the miniatures ranges I am producing for my company Battleroad games and Hobbies I thought I would talk about our hobby and crossing boundaries on models. Now what do I mean by this, well simply put when is a model just a model and when does it become to much graphically to the point where we are ashamed to even let our family members see it. I am bringing this up because today I has the distinct displeasure of seeing a model from the kingdom of death line that was called  "the wet nurse" .

This model (I refuse to even post it on my blog so as to not demean myself) has countless boobs, a baby suckling from them, and a penis whip that protrudes from the anus to interact with the naked female models that come with it. Normally when it comes to nudity and our toys I look the other way as well... they are just models. I have seen some hardcore bondage models on coolminiornot that people have done, and all I see is the amazing work that the painters did on them. I don't see the nudity, or the fact of what it is but more see the artistic side of the model.

The owner of this company on a forum ( not to be named) even stated that it just took the eggs from the women and fertilized them which to me sounds more of rape. I posted privately on a part of the forum and stated that I felt the thread should be removed to which several people just made childish remarks about the boobs. Now personally I know their is a lot of grey area in our industry as so many people want many different things, but if a number of people state that they would be ashamed to show a model to their friends and family that is when I say that the model has gone to far and should be kept to the sellers site alone. I want to know what you think of this my viewers because I for one am just appauld at this point. If you think i'm so far to the right on this then tell me why you think so. if you can present a valid arguement against my opinon hey I have no problem correct myself, but please remember no foul language on my blog.

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