Saturday, November 27, 2010

Runic Miniatures Little Princess Complete!!!

So last night I decided to sit down for an hour and finish up the little princess. Though I am not entirely happy with my end result she still came out fairly well. I ended up redoing her hair 3 times asI was not happy with the result, and the veil twice. My initial plan was to have pink involved with the model but to say the least this did not happen because I was not happy with the initial base pink I laid down. All in all around 7-8 hours so she was fun to paint. I hope you all like her, as I have a touch more to do with the base but that is namely to add more snow. As always keep those brushes painting, and if you ever see something you like on here and are interested in purchasing almost all of my models are always up for sale. I am also free for the moment for commissions and you can contact me at alexanderakers at yahoo dot com.

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