Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Former Armies

So recently somone asked to see some of my old army works so I thought I would post some quick pics of the Blood Angels I did a while back as well as the Grey Knights. Enjoy and soon I will be announcing about the grand REOPENING of my webstore all new and improved:).
Grey Knights

So Real quick there they are enjoy.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Month of Movember Charity Fundraiser

Greetings fellow Bloggers, for once I come to you on bended knee as I am part of the "Guns of April" team that plays historical games at Adepticon. Last year we did the Battle of Salamanaca and some of you may have seen it in the Aug. issue of Wargames Illustrated. This year we will be doing Gettysberg and are very excited for it, but as a team we decided to add some extra elements to our event. We wanted to do a charity fund raiser and settled on Movember which helps raise money for Prostate Cancer research. This is a very important cause and I am proud to be doing this, but their is a side wager going on amongst the team. First off the side that raises the most money will be given first move at our game this year at Adepticon, further more the opposing faction will be required to buy a round of drinks. Now Dave Taylor is on the Union side and I would sure love to make him buy me a drink, but in the end this is a harmless side bet butttttttt I would sure love you all for it.

Either way please donate and help out as this is a serious issue for all Men and this is a great cause. I have attached a link to my page on the team so please donate anything you can spare as you never know this money could help save your life someday.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

NEWCC 40k!

Greetings My fellow Bloggers and blog readers!

          So yesterday I had the joy of playing in not only my first game of 6th edition WH 40K but also my first tourney of it as well. NEWCC has been going for a few years now and is a club challenge open to any clubs in the North East as it rotates on location to the winning clubs choice of host locations. This year it was WH40k and it will flip between 40k and WHF every year so I definately look forward to some fantasy for next year:). I am very happy to say that though my club did not take home the trophey we did take home best sportsmanship as well as best painted so to me that was just as good:) (if not a little better as I don't have to plan out all of the details for next year).

Here's some pictures so enjoy people:):

Here's a couple of the armys I took quick photographs of. Both of these belonged to the winning blub and actually the top one was two seperate players. Each list was required to be 1250pts with a minimum of 1200pts (cough this blogger cough).

Here we have some of the players, the two in the last picture were of my team :).

A couple shots of my Necrons in action against well... Necrons. I only took pictures of the first battle as I needed to concentrate a little more then I was as this was also my first outing with my Necrons!
Here's our Gracious host Keith who also does a wonderful job organizing and running the Temple-con 40k GT. As you can see he is preparing for the winter by letting his face warmer grow in!
A picture of the revolving trophey, I wish I had held up a ruler or something as this thing is honestly not that small.

Finally our new NEWCC Champions the Cold Steel Mercs! As Alex made abundantly clear it seems next years event will be held in Conn. which is a far closer drive then Penn(sorry NE Big Gunz) so I look forward to it.

All in all it was a fun event that and I enjoyed myself immensely as good people, clean atmosphere (importantly as I utterly hate dingy stores) and several very nice looking armys. Though my club placed last that was fine as like I said we took home half of the awards anyways and we had no major plans going into it to win just to have fun and throw some dice. I will say Cheers to all of those who competed and grats to the C.S.M as it really was a great event.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I shouldn't have to say this.

So I have removed a inapropriate comment from my last post as I have said before I will not tolerate that type of behavior. I am open to critiques and comments but discussing sexual parts in the most crass form is not something I will accept or swear words. With that if the shoe fits wear it and if it doesn't disregard.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

More work to my Studio Mcvey stampy

Ok so no his real name is not stampy but it is more of an omage to the Simpsons for those who can remember that far back to Barts pet Elephant. I have not been idle on this model as I do intend for him to be complete by Febuary so as to enter him in the CMON Comp at Templecon. I have broken him down into sections since he is 90% skin and plan to work on his back next. I generally save the face/head until the very end of the model.. not sure why but just do. Anyways here is the pictures of where he's at atm as I am pushing around 20 hours on him so far.

Here is a front view. I really enjoyed workign to bring out the siz pack on the model but the chest took a while as I wanted a nice smooth tone to it and to really show out the muscles on him. After all he is a Giant 54mm Rhino weilding a stone axe!

Here is his back left arm. As you can see I push the contrast a lot as for me I wanted more of a choatic feel to the model and though many would choose the warmer tones I wanted something... darker.

Front right arm, I completed this part first so as to set the tone for the whole model. My skin colors are very simple. I use GW Dheneb Stone as the base, then P3 Sanguine Highlight, Sanguine Base, and Black as the shadows(in that order). And simple GW Skull White as the highlight.

The next step from here is to work more on the back. As you can see I already did a little work to it to start my basic definitions. For those interested in one here is a direct link to Studio McVeys page where he sits. After shipping it works out to between $50-$60 USD but as you can see the model is soooo worth it. Well with that keep painting and if you have any question please feel free to ask.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Confederates and Giant Rhinos, OH MY!

Hello Fellow blog readers,
          So I have not been idle since my near defeats at Games Day this year, yes yes it is sad no demon tropheys though accoarding to the judges who came up to me it was close and being I never asked them I will take that for what it's worth, but I decided as soon as I got home to get working on several other projects that needed my attention. First and foremost I am extremely happy to say I have completed my first Regiment of Confederates for the Guns of April group and I am actually happy with the results. They took a bit of work as tons of different uniforms and so forth but I think the end justifies itself and I am pleased, for once, with the outcome. I am just going to link over to the blog as you all should go and subscribe.. I mean check it out!

Secondly I have my entry for Adepticon and such and this one is so far from completion I am almost hesitant to post anything but hey why not.

He had a minor accident and fell the other night, and thankfully I caught him though his right ear had to be fixed and I used a paint on primer over it, so once the face is ready for painting I will fix that. Well with that thank you for reading and Keep Painting!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy 100th post and Guns of April!

Well for starters this is my 100th blog post and sorry to say not much in the way of pictures but in the end thank you all for reading and I hope you have enjoyed the posts. Being as demon is fast approaching I have been hard at work on my entries in the hopes of having more then one or two done. As my mentor Mathieu Fontaine says though work on one entry and if you get it done worry about that entry. This way you never get truely bogged down and you can create something far better then trying to enter 9 categories with 9 average pieces. With all of that though this means no pics till either just before GD(if I finish stuff on time) or  after I return.

All of that aside I come to the next point of this ever so short yet monumental blog post which is the Guns of April 2013. For those who saw, or will see soon in Aug issue of Wargames Illustrated, last year a few of us meet to play out a what if scenerio for the Battle of Salamanica which took place during the Penninuslar Campaign of the Napoleonic wars. We decided, after 4 hours of cheerful play and drink, that we would do another such event at Adepticon 2013 except this time we would be doing a "What If" of the first day at Gettysberg. Being we will be coming up on the Gettysberg 150 anniversary this was a great chance for me to paint some rebs as I have for a long time been a fan of ACW. With the Unions Leader David Pauwels kicking off this years post I will now direct you all over to the blog. Stay tunned as I will be posting pictures of my confederates after Games Day as I begin the trek to painting my Brigade of the good guys.. I mean Southern Army...yeah! Until then keep painting and I hope you all had a delightful 4th of July.