Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy 100th post and Guns of April!

Well for starters this is my 100th blog post and sorry to say not much in the way of pictures but in the end thank you all for reading and I hope you have enjoyed the posts. Being as demon is fast approaching I have been hard at work on my entries in the hopes of having more then one or two done. As my mentor Mathieu Fontaine says though work on one entry and if you get it done worry about that entry. This way you never get truely bogged down and you can create something far better then trying to enter 9 categories with 9 average pieces. With all of that though this means no pics till either just before GD(if I finish stuff on time) or  after I return.

All of that aside I come to the next point of this ever so short yet monumental blog post which is the Guns of April 2013. For those who saw, or will see soon in Aug issue of Wargames Illustrated, last year a few of us meet to play out a what if scenerio for the Battle of Salamanica which took place during the Penninuslar Campaign of the Napoleonic wars. We decided, after 4 hours of cheerful play and drink, that we would do another such event at Adepticon 2013 except this time we would be doing a "What If" of the first day at Gettysberg. Being we will be coming up on the Gettysberg 150 anniversary this was a great chance for me to paint some rebs as I have for a long time been a fan of ACW. With the Unions Leader David Pauwels kicking off this years post I will now direct you all over to the blog. Stay tunned as I will be posting pictures of my confederates after Games Day as I begin the trek to painting my Brigade of the good guys.. I mean Southern Army...yeah! Until then keep painting and I hope you all had a delightful 4th of July.