Sunday, December 25, 2011

Seasons Greetings too one and All!

So I am feverishly working on some British Pennisular Light Regt for a pot in a few days, amongst other things, but I thought I should just drop a line and say seasons greetings to you all my loyal readers. The reason it's seasons greetings because some people celebrate Chanukha or Xmas and as such I don't want too single out anyone. As such thank you all for your readership of this blog and over the next year I should have some really fun posts comming as Adepticon this year is going too push me too new limits painting wise. I have a 40k army too finish painting and building for Feb. and I also have a 1250 early war German army, Macedonian WAB army, and several show models I need to finish in time for Adepticon! So as such it will be a crazy kick off to the end of the world year but damn it I will make it count (btw the end of the world thing was a joke so no run offs on that).

Also DON"T FORGET TO SHOP AT BATTLEROADGAMES.COM for all of your bits needs!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Battleroad Games and Hobbies Launches bits section on webstore

Greetings Fellow Dakkites,for those of you who know of Battleroad Games and Hobbies LLC we are a Hobby Retail Webstore. As such we are further striving too bring you the gamers what you want at great affoardable prices. As such we have switched our full ebay operation to our webstore and after a lot of work I am happy too announce that our bitz section will be launching this Friday on Dec 9th. As such we are starting with just the 40k and will be adding in Fantasy by the end of next month. Reason being it takes time too switch everything over and we have too rephotograph so that you for waiting as I promise you won't be dissapointed. By the end of Jan you will be able too shop from over 600 different bits up for sale and in the comming months we will be doubling that number too make us one of the most versatile one stop shops for your bits needs. We are also a full fledged web store and sell full box sets as well from over a dozen different lines. Come January you will also see our own 28mm heroic scale bits starting with several sets of heads that you will be able too purchase at extremely reasonable prices. I have attached a sneak peak at the first set recently sculpted by Dakkas own Navarro and he is hard at work on another as well. We have also contracted several major sculptors too do even more sets that we will be releasing in the comming months.

-Dec 9th launch of the bits section with 40k.

-Monthly 20% off sales on bits as we have the "Flavor of the Month".

-Full 10% off retail on all products ordered via the webstore and phone orders.

-If you don't see it call us and ask, we may not have it up atm or maybe it's something we should add!

-Finally unlike many other bits sites we will be making weekly restock orders (trust me our distributors already love us) so as too insure if it's out of stock it will be back in within that week.

So give us a call at 508-251-0397 or shop direct via our webstore at and remember this Friday is the launch so tell your friends.

P.S: The head set shown below we retail at $10.00 for all 9 heads. I am unsure yet if we are doing these as resin or pewter.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another fine Weekend another fine tourney!

So this past weekend I decided too hit up the Battleground Games and Hobbies LLC doubles tourney for 40k. It was um....well... GREAT!!!!!! Tournies like this on are as they honestly should be for rogue traders, great terrain, great people, and lots of both, ooh ya a little fun too I dare say:)_! Years ago when I lived in Tacoma/ Seattle I went too rogue traders every month and some of those were great fun because they had a great organizer by the name of Rob McKitrick. Saddly over the years he faded away from that scene and the rogues when too crap honestly, and when I came too mass I hit a few but none really matched up. That is honestly until yesterday when my team mate and I went there with no expectations too win any games just have fun.

I am sad too announce Sam and I did win our final game and we were rather disapointed as damn it we thought we could go for broke. I did however manage too walk out with $90 store credit for having the best painted army and best single painted mini!  I promptly used it too get a friend some models I owed him so hey I was a happy camper but more I was happy because of the basic regonition of the judges and several people who noticed the work I put into it. I didn't care if I won anything as I was having fun but it was awsome too win and I promptley thanked the academy for my award and my director... wait wrong speech! Anyways looking around I did see several well done armies but more two fellow classmates of my painting mentor Mr. Mathieu Fontaine. These two fellas were brothers who had taken his classes on different ends of the country but were now back in Mass together and let me just say this. Once those two finish there armies, they are about 90% done I would think by looking at them, there will be some seriously stiff painting comp at rogues in the New England Area. These guys wowed me which doesn't happen alot but I can and will gladly admit when I am beaten and I think these two are forcing me too up my game even more.

More too the point I had three great games, and Sam and I had a clast and I for once have utterly no critiques. All around just a blast of a tourney and I look forward too more in the future there honestly and I do hope that Battleground branches into small indy GT's because I think they could handle it and run a good show.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Da Boyz GT review

Greetings fellow bloggers and readers; as the title says this is my review from the Da Boyz indy GT that I returned from last late last night. Normally I would sit down and show you all a bunch of pictures of some cool armies and ideas that I saw while I was there, and then talk about the winners etc, but saddly this post won't be that kind of one as this was disapointingly the worst event I have ever been too. Here is the break down that lead too that determination.

Venue: The event was held in "The Armoury" in Rochester NY and the location though large and open but did not live up to the hype that the organizer lead us to believe about it. My friend and I were both told that the venue had a restaurant attached too it. What this apparently meant was the piss poor bar, that was overpriced and had nothing but well drinks and cheap beer, was grilling burgers and fries and selling to us. We ended up at wendys and don't get me started into the service on that place. Another major problem with the venue was that due to the size of the location it was either too hot or too cold. There was no comfortable medium and this really made for a misserable time alone.

Organization: Normally if you put out a shedule you stick by it and that works for me. The Fantasy side was on the nose but saddly I was playing 40k and this lead too tons of problems. We were told too arrive at 830am on both days and we would be rolling dice by 930am.....never happened on both days and all this did was fling us into further confusion when it came too grabbing meals etc. The organizers would tell us we would start our next round at 1 even though we just ended at 1230. Ok so I know we have no time too run out and get food, so the problem with this is that would wouldn't start till 1:45pm because they couldn't get there software that did the pairings too work, or the person inputing the data was too slow. Furthermore we ended up playing 4 games on the first day and two on the second. The problem with this is technically that is 10hours  on the first day, and that would have been fine if we started early but adding in the breaks etc we didn't get out of there till after 10pm and we were told we had too be there the next morning at 8am.

Judges: This was my biggest problem for the event because these guys were just awfull. For starters my games 5 was against a 15 year old kid. Now I am a mentor too teenagers and have no issues with children, teens whatever playing and often go into it with a little more give to the game as I know a lot of players are more pricks about it. During the game there was blatant cheating and I started calling my opponent on it, but one of the judges who knew the kid was a local, came up and started calling against me ever step of the way. For example: I took down one of his vehicles with my stormraven, I then used the machine spirit, as the rules clearly state, and choose too fire at a different target. The judge would not allow me too do this stating "you can't split fire it's all at once". IT"S IN THE RULES YOU TWIT!!!!!!! This was only the beginning of many such calls like it. I don't get angry during games but on this one I just got to the "whatever point". Other times during the event I would ask simple questions about time, location, minor rules on the scenarios and the judges would either start talking and walk away, say they have no clue, or tell me to figure it out for myself because they didn't care. Judges are there too help run a event but when I see them having no clue it begs too wonder what the hell they are doing.

Scenarios: This is the second worst part as the designer tried too add some The judges couldn't even answer questions on the scenarios, and before every game they would have too call the 40k side over too them too try and explain typos. The objectives were unclear and favored the locals who know the ways too play the game objectives.

Comp: This is a contraversal issue for many, and I personally have no issue with comp at a tourney... if it's done right. Initially we had a rubric we had too go off of that was out of 80, I personally score 70 pts (I took a untooled pure close combat falchions gk army). After this initially submitted rubric that we knew what our score would be the judges would grant up too an additional 30 points of comp. The problem was this was a blind comp decision and they refused too even state how they graded it. I personally recieved an additional 10 points, while another grey knight player took 30 for a full 110pts. He was a local....hrmmmmm but when I asked one of the judges he argued with me saying no GK player recieved max comp. I offered to show him on the list they posted but he refused to look and keep telling me I was wrong. The judges also refused when asked to at least explain to us how they graded the blind comp portion. This pissed a lot of players off and there was many grumbles.

Event prizes: Now when you go to a GT you go because it is something far bigger and grander then a local rogue trader. A weekend will often come in around 1k in overall costs too get out there, build your army etc etc so that is why you want it too be a cut above the rest in prizes and tropheys. Well the event had tons of prizes but almost zero trophies. More too the point they ran out of there certificates too the people who had won as one of my friends won best table and he got a few cheap scenery pieces. If I wanted to compete for product I would have saved my money and gone too Battleground Games as they put on some amazing rogue traders where you can win hundreds in product, but GTs we are paying for tropheys or plaques but namely something more then just product.

Overall review: I appriciate you all reading this long winded post but saddly there was no way to make it any shorter. If there was one issue I would chalk that too just bad happens heck even two I would but when I can find major problems in each aspect of the tourney then there is honestly something majorly wrong. I for one will not ever be returning too this event and that disapoints me as it was 5 years since I did a 40k singles GT and I was stoked for it. I went out of my way too sculpt and cast a purity seal for my army list, build a army full of major conversions and go balls too the wall to go all out. I didn't care if I won anything I just wanted too have a blast. Saddly for the first time I feel like I wasted my time, and money and honestly am really lacking the desire too even play anymore because events like this just destroys your desire for the game. Even several of my friends told me this event made them just want too sell off there GW because it just wasn't fun. So I am sure this negative post will cause some controversy and it sucks because I have tons of pictures I wanted too show and going into it I was really excited but now I don't even know if I care anymore about 40k GT's. Adepticon is a blast but I usually play WAB there so that is out of the question.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

DA Boyz GT is only a few days away!

Granted I do not have my usual strand of strong anticipation as I do for Adepticon (I mean who wouldn't for adepticon) but I am still rather nervous as this is the first indy 40k GT I have actually done since 2006!!!!!! I was signed up for one two years ago at adepticon but I fell horribly ill and ended up catching the early flight home. In the words of my friend Joe Orteza " I looked like Nurgles rot!". Anyways I have been plowing away at the army, display board, and army list....wait army list? For those who will face off against me they will recieve my list as a purity seal that I sculpted on a 60mm round real quick and attached some parchment too. I felt it addes a little bit of fun to the whole deal and to thank my caster (who is also my ride to the event) I sculpted him one too for his nurgle.
Here's a little overview show of the army as it stands. I am working on the squad to the lower front right and the brotherhood champion and should be finished tues night. In the mean time I also will have too paint the xboard that I sanded down and put all of the hex stones ( and other stuff) on as it is too mimic the dragonforge bases of the lost empires. Jeff Wilhelm being the amazing friend he is made me a master mould too create the hexes from and from there my casting mate did up around 340. Jeff believed it would take 500 and I thought he was right..Had I covered every inch in it well maybe but I didn't because it is a ruined temple. I can use this for my Dark Eldar, and Macedonians as it all fits very easily!

The brotherhood Champion was a fairly easy conversion/ kit bash. I thought about sculpting it and so forth further too really set him apart but time is not on my side.

A little side shot of "La Fontaine" or the land raider for those of you not in the know I guess.
Here's my best friend Hans riding my wife...ya I did it people!

The final squad (now several layers in on paint). This is my only mixed squad in terms of weapons as I needed the points for other things. Well there you have it people. I will get some final shots of everything (seals and all) on Thurday at the hotel but until then I hope you enjoyed the post and as always keep painting.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Road too Da Boyz GT

Allllll righty then, well another few weeks and a few more models painted for the Da Boyz GT that will be at the end of Oct. As such I have been somewhat hard at work on these grey knights. Overall the work on them is easy and requires very little challenge on my part but if you get too see them in person they are far better then the pictures honestly. The lighter colors and lack of heavy contrast does not play well for photography but in person these are a delight and hopefully will do well in scoring at the DA Boyz for painting. After the GK's I am going too break my rule again (of not painting armies) and start work on a heavily converted Dark Eldar army for the Saint Valentines day Massacre in Media Penn. From there it's Macedonians for Adepticon then onto the demon progects for next year. In between stuff here and there but overall that's the shedule. Anyways onto the pics. First off we have the converted Librarian who is teh HQ for the army.  Not a ton down sculpting wise minus I replaces parts of his arms and threw on some Dragonforge coils. All in all fun model:
Next up we have the first squad. Now I know they have no backpacks but for my own sanity I always do those at the very end of the army. So I will be doing 18 back packs at once upon completion of everything else.
A couple Singles Shots
Yes I know his barrel drillings off line.
Yes the eyes are suppossed too look a litte spilled over as when you see it up close it gives a radiating light source look. Next up the first four termies:
The one with the read swords in the squads is always the squad leader since he is master crafted. It was a easy way of setting him apart. Finally a rear shot of one of the termies.
Well there you have it for now. Still on the list for the army is two troop squads like the one up top, a landraider reedeemer, and a dreadknight. I hope you all enjoy this sneak peaks and just wait as even these models aren't done. BTW if anyone is wondering the bases are from so go check them out. I garuntee you won't be disapointed!
Until then keep painting people and have a great weekend.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


So let me start off by saying that this was the first ever ard'boys event that I ever played in. In the past I have always looked at this event with distaste and annoyance as it was so counter productive I felt too the hobby. I had always felt that a event solely based off battlepoint and not theme,sports, or painting was a bad idea. After seeing some negative gamers in my past I pictured these too be the type of people who would come out with the most disgusting lists and be other pricks. Let me just say that this blogger was very wrong!

I went with the sole plan to learn the GK's as facing off against people you normally wouldn't is a great way too really learn how too play an army. I planned (or more honestly figured) that I would loose all three games because I knew little about the grey knights play style or really the confidence at playing the army. My first game was against a Demons army...WOOT!!!!..ya not so much. Was his a tooled army as I had always thought I would face in Ard'boys, not in the least. Honestly he had a great play on the lists and was extremely well balanced. The individual was nice and we helped each other through the game and just had a good ole fashioned time. In the end "0" points as I was massacred but hey I learned a lot. Next up I got too play against a dark eldar army. I stole the initiave and surely this guy would be the dick I had envisioned, nope. He had a fun army lots of flying vehicle goodnew (probably close too $600 buck worth if not more) and was a very nice guy. I picked up some info on the dark eldar (something I have been drooling over painting for years) and walked out guessed it "0" points but a tons more knowledge.

Finally I faced off against a terminator grey knights's the dick right? No, not in the least in fact the game was only 45minutes but was jokes and laughs and just good gaming fun. Just as similiar as my second game I had a great first turn then fell apart. In the end I walked out with "1" point...drat!!!! Damn point modifiers stated if your opponent didn't have a fast attack choice you won the battle point no matter what. This meant I did not reach my goal of "0" points in a tourney. Granted I wasn't actually shooting for that but I knew I wasn't going too win the thing or even place after round two so why not go for broke. So what's the whole point of this as oppossed too showing you all some of my recent painting work well simple, don't ever place a sterotypes on something because you never know what will happen. It was a blast honestly and I look forward too next years (though this time I play too win :)_ ). It was a great store, great people and a great day.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Grey Knights on the Horizon!!!!!

Greetings one and all and welcome back too my blog!!! Now I read something on FTW a while back that says I should never apologize for not posting as we all have real lives and damn it I agree. Things have been nuts with Battleroad fixing some MAJOR mistakes of now FORMER!!!!!! employees. Saddly this has pulled all of my attention and due too the significant losses one person caused my company has forced me too look for a more perminate IT job again. In the past I was doing well with this company bringing it up too  250k a year business (95% off ebay bits sales so that tells you how much work I have been doing). Saddly my business will no longer be focused solely on ebay as I am branching out quite a bit more. As we speak the first sets of my bits heads are being sculpted and in the next few months you will begin too see TONS of conversion bits comming out directly from Battleroad Games. I am very excited and think all of you will enjoy the final product. Jeff Wilhelm from Dragonforge is too be blamed for this as he convinced me it was a better way too steer my conpany. Now without further adu onward too the grey knights :)_.

So their are a few armies that I utterly love and will always play when it comes too GW. The first is hands down Slaanesh anything, the second is Ogres ( I just love them beyond belief), the third and forth are grey knights and dark eldar (and skaven but don't tell anyone). Now the reason I love this assortment is first and foremost the backrounds and second their close combat abilities. When it comes too my games I love too get in the thick of the fighting quickly and these are some great armies too. As such though I have been collecting some grey knights and will have a 2500pts army built soon for the ard boys though most likely won't be completed painting wise for another week or two after. All told I usually spend between 40-60 hours on an army as an airbrush is a wonderfull thing people!!!  Anyways for now I have the first of my razorbacks too show you all today and sticking with my tradition I have named it after one of my friends. The Carasas is named after a former mate of mine from my GW days (hooray redshirts!!!) and he really helped me through some tought times. As such I thought it only right too name this model after him.
Now I know some of you are probably thinking "WTF it's not Silver!!!", and nor will any of my models ever be for the grey knights. I love true metallics but after a couple of practice models just couldn't get it how I wanted. So knowing I loved this color it seemed a good choice. Now this model was painted then I found I didn't like how I did it so I stripped it and laid down a grey that I would use for the battle damage. A little bit (or a lot) of the arbeitlung (or something of that name) liquid mask and then too the airbrush. The outcome I actually liked which for me never happens.
A closer shot.
The other side
And the front!! Now origonally I was going too have the turret be a burgundy red as the color would have offet nicely... it didn't lets leave it at that. I need too work a little more on my freehand but the weathering is set too the army. I thought about using some of my powders from secret weapons but decided too save them for other things as I am just looking for a overall nice army. Anyways I will have the pics of the squad up either later this week or next, then onto the dreadknight and back too squads. Until then keep painting and too Jordon "You ma boy ma boy!!!". BTW the dreadknight will be named Le'Fontaine.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Boston Brawlcon 2011 Winners!!!!

Alrighty so it has been a while since the last post but I thought I would kick off a few more posts over the next few days with pictures from the Boston Brawlcon 2011. This was one of the closest tournies I have honestly ever run and being that I have done well over 50 events that says a lot. Well with that onto the winners pictures!!!
This was our Best Sports army Tom Greene. Really nice guy and a well deserved trophey as he always had a smile on his face during the whole weekend.
Here's his winners picture with the trophey!!!
On the Right we have our overall winner Ben Molie. Ben won no less then $2000 in prizes to include a plane ticket to Chicago for Adepticon 2012 to compete there and to go with it a 2000pts army to match. This was just the prize support from Battleroad Games and Hobbies, and Ben gets even more via Games is all I can say. Not to mention that Ben is also the Captain of Team America and will be competing at worlds later on in Switzerland!!!!! On the left we have our 2nd place winner, and Best General to include our first ever Volunteer of the year award. He goes by the name Ragnar Arneson and let me just say he is one top notch player and person to boot. Earlier last month he won best Chaos Space Marine General at the Throne of Skulls held by GW in Vegas! Literally the overall and second place was decided by 1 point and came from a last minute favorite players vote. Ben being a gentlemen to of note is sharing some of his winnings with Ragnar and that too me says a lot:).
Next up we have Bill Souza for players choice. Let me just say this fella has one HELL of a converted demon army and it was no suprise that he secured the players choice with no less then 15 votes!!! I am only too sad that some of the pictures of his army didn't come out so well in the end but what I do have I know will put you all in awww. Bill also took a Silver in our Open format painting comp for a lovely changling. I look forward to seeing what bill presents next year for the brawl as I know it will be something to take notice.
Here's the only picture I could get to work so if anyone has others of his lovely army please pm me!
Here we have Simon Leen and let me just say his army was one too take notice. He had tons of lovely well done free hand over his whole sisters of battle army and it really helped catapult him to the top in the end. I had 4 armies that we in my favorites and in the end it was the averages between the two judges that settled who the winner was.
Well I will post more in the comming days and hopefully I will get off my ass and post more. With that keep painting and thank you too all of the players this year for a great Boston Brawl.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Preping for GD and other events!

Wow... over a month since my last post... Well first off I tend not to write anything unless I feel I have something of value either to say or show.  Lately since I haven't been that far along on my demon entry (30+ hours only so far on my 40k single) I felt their was little rhime or reason to post pictures.... and I still won't :). I will say that once complete, or even a little further along , I will show pictures of it. Right now I have two progects on the table that I intend to have done intime for GD chicago. Anything further will be gravey:)!.

Now how does this Demon winner prep you may ask? Well that is the point of this post as every painter is different in how they like to handle things as demon is a top notch and well known comp. To hold a trophy in your hands is utterly amazing (trust me) and the rush that comes with it is one of the greatest feelings I have ever been able to encounter.

So too start I first need to get inspiration as this is an art compatition for what counts. The end choice comes down to the judges of course and doesn't really matter if I agree or not with their decisions as they have the final say. In last years case I knew I would have time for one entry with little in the way of conversion, so I decided upon Ogre Ironguts. I have always had a major love affair with the GW ogre models as something about them just does it for me. In the case of this year I had had my entries built for months as I was waiting for one time but two, and more importantly the knowledge that I knew what I wanted to go with. The first entry had the weapon completely redone as well as the head. A lot of the resin detail was removed as the model was Librarian Severus from forge world. I determined that he would be great as a emporers childred librarian from the pre-heresy era.  From here I planned out the story he would tell as Mathieu Fontaine once taught me that a model should always tell a story. In this case his name became "Ty're...Last Loyal Librarian of the 3rd Legion". He will be fighting on the steps of the imperial palace.

Planning complete now the building phase
Now knowing the direction I would be heading in I set about preping my model for paint. I went through 4 or 5 different heads before Mathieu told me to try a FW one. I found a bits retailer (saddly not me) on ebay who sold forge world, and purhcased several heads to try out. Ending with kor'vaydea's head as I felt it suited him best. Now some of you may be asking why a FW head, well simple. Mathieu pointed out to me that on a FW model only use FW as normal GW lacks the size and defination that are on the model and really detract overall. So with the model built I know was ready to clean and prime... no not clean the mold as I already did that, but wash the model and clear off any extra shavings I may have missed, or get rid of any remaining chemicals ,I won't want on it, from casting. Now came the priming time. Once the initial white layer of primer is down I decided to double check the model and clean any mold lines I may missed upon initial inspection. This resulted in some extra work on the weapon itself and then a reprime.From here I began the painting aspect. On that note I leave you all with this.. the other entry is the Nurgle FW  ogres!! You all will love these and as usual keep painting.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Samurai Army up for grabs!!! Sold

That's right I have decided to clear out the shelves and start some new progects, but to do that I want to open up some space in the basement. So I figured I would clear out the Perry Miniatures Samurai army I have. This army is pretty massive by any standard comming with at over 200+ models of all perry miniatures. My initial plan was to actually build up several warbands of these for large scale games but I just don't have the money or the time to do it at the moment. I am looking for one of several sales for this. Somone can either buy the whole lot at $1050 or buy the painted units at $200 a unit or the unpainted at $2.00 each. I am for the most part sticking on the overall price, but would be willing to entertain other offers if they are reasonable. If you buy the whole lot I will give free shipping to the buyer, and all of the movement trays and stuff. Also for an extra $50 I am willing to throw in the xboard display base. Alrighty people here it is:
Here is a list of everything in it.
-36 Samurai with katana painted
-72 ashigaru with naginata painted
-1 general on horse with two retainers painted
-1 army standard painted
-1 lord on foot painted with katana
-9 cavalry with katanas cleaned
-8 monks with assorted weapons primed
-11 monks unpainted
-11 models of generals with tokugawa unpainted
-15 civilians with assorted weapons unpainted
-47 ashigaru unpainted
-5 ashigaru with flintlock rifles
-23 sashimo banners
-84 naginatas on sprue

Alrighty people if your interested email me at alexanderakers (at) yahoo (dot) com. Their is minor wear but all in all this army is in amazing condition and won me the overall in the doubles at adepticon this year.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Ok if you were a pro-wrestling fan back in the day you would get that, but onto the meaning of the post.  I know I have been awful lately about posting and I truely am sorry. The best part about owning your own business is well your the boss. The worst part about owning your own business is.... yep you guessed it, your the boss!!! Saddly when sales fall behind, or shipping does that means I get longer hours with no extra pay :(. Anyways to throw in some fun news my 90minute entry won me a crystal brush at adepticon, and I also walked away with the Warhammer Ancients doubles overall champion with my impromtu teamate Pat L. We got paired up several weeks prior to adepticon as we were both going to make our wives come and throw dice... neither wife to say the least was interested in this. 7 1/2 hours later, and three great games (the last one on nerves) we walked out with the amazing plaques, and some odd looks. No one thought that Samurai and Macidonians would work... including us but with some lucky dice rolls and great tactics we did it. The best part was that was my first weekend playing with the WAB 2.0 rules so any wins were even better for me. BTW you will not see the model I won with unless you look it up in the crystal brush itself because while walking out I saw an old GW coworker of mine and said "Merry Xmas Jordan".

Well onto the meaning of the title me thinks. I was approached with a request for a commission recently and always happy to make a honest buck said sure. The over all time frame to do the progect wouldn't take long and I love anything that allows me to work on my sculpting skills. The buyer wanted a GW Space Marine head that had to be screaming, since it was for a conversion of his. Normally I take a open faced SM and then remove all details and work up from there, as it is a great dollie, but in this case I had on had a forge world korvadye head that I had bought off ebay for a demon progect, and this was the extra (yes there are FW bits sellers on ebay too people, great way to save some doe so check them out).
I started by first insuring I had a new blade in so it would be extra sharp and made two incisions on his cheeks and one under the jaw (woot doctor shows). After removing that I cleaned the area then had a blast trying to get the jaw to actually stay where I wanted it too. To say the least super glue can really suck for small progects like this.
I then stuck putty in his mouth and began working it around to reform the face, and the mouth. Once that was complete a little shave lined the whole thing up, and I then applied the white putty to smooth it all out.

After the putty a little sanding work and the jaw line was in service. Not the buyer wanted a flat top buzz but saddly that wasn't working out so well so instead I went more with a german military cut from WW2 which I think works much better but in the end it's the clients call so hopefully he likes it.

The hair was easy as I took a lesson from Joe Orteza and made several lines from the top then just started scratching at it. After giving him a little trim and some sanding to clean it all up Whoola!!! We've got head. All told on and off two -three hours namely because of waiting on the putty to dry. Well this fella is up for final approval and if the client likes it then off he goes to his new home. Suprisingly this was a very inexpensive commission so hopefully the word will spread and I will get more. Well as usual "Keep Painting" as I know I will be (Fort Buyaki Inviational just announced). I am going to do my second favorite army of all times..........Grey Knights. After 17 years in this hobby I am finally going to have some real fun planning this army.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Disastor Relief

Greetings everyone, I write tonight with a heavy heart. On a personal level this has been a rough few weeks but my household has stuck together like glue and pushed forward through it. I have always believed that through faith a person can get through anything. As such I also believe that a person who is blessed should always give back and have thanks for what they have, and as such have conducted myself as so for the past few years. I have taken part in many charities and plan too do many more before my life is over. From buying several dozen new toys so that a local shelter can give each dog a toy for x-mas, to spending my time publicly speaking out for Veterans rights on the welcome home progect (something near and dear too my heart). Recently I donated some product to help out the floods in Australia (the country of my fathers birth, and his resting place).

As such I bring to you all tonight the start of a month long charity event that I am going to run to raise money to help the red cross send relief aid to the island nation of Japan. When I was in boarding school many years ago I had a roomate from Hokido and he and I were great friends. I send my prayers too him and his family and hope that what money we can raise in this next month will help out in some small way. Here's how it will work:

-Anyone can offer up product, time, money anything, and we will run a raffle. All of the product and the winners will be picked on April 12th that way we can go a full month. At the end of the month anyone who donated will be entered into the drawing and it won't stop until all of the prizes are given away.

-This is very similair to the storm wardens progect except their will be multiple winners and prizes. I will be posting the paypal info to donate next week but I am hoping that you all will spread the word on this.

-Already Jeff Hall has donated a painted battlegroup for warmachine This is very generous of him.

-I will be donating 2 things for starters a conversion of a 28mm model for 40k or fantasy. The winners choice!!!!

-Also I will donate 1 battleforce NIB winners choice.

Well their it is people, if you want to donate something please let me know at battleroadgames (at) yahoo dot com. I thank you all and watch for the paypal donation widget in the next week.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Changes, and apologies

Recently I went too a tourney, and as shown previously the result I was in disagreement over the paint judging. Now straight forward and too the point, though I could have phrased what I said about the demon army in a much nicer context I didn't. I did enjoy the army hence the initial pictures, but like I said I did not feel it the best painted. Recently on my club forums a friend asked a question about it too which a local gamer flew off in a childish rant saying many things that really undermined him more then anything. This person and I chatted as he feels I am a dick and a few other words that will not be mentions. This is fine, I have thick skin and in the end do not care what some individuals think of me, nor will I ever. Where I do care is that even after everything got settled internally others continued in on the issues.

Now I was wrong on several points and for this I do apologise, but not retract. I believe firmly that every action we do we should be held accountable for. Though I was wrong and admit this openly I will not retract for the reasons that I said it and for whatever reason right or wrong I should stand behind my words, and my actions. I live my life with no regret as I learned this overseas, for to have regret is too say that should have never did the action in question. I believe firmly either right or wrong at the time an individual felt that it was right, but when proven wrong own up too your mistakes and that is what I am doing here.

It has been several years since I have done Rogue Traders and the game has changed heavily. My beliefs in painting do not fit with some rogue traders, and that is fine. The beauty of it all is they don't have too because their are those who run events similar too how I enjoy them, and those that don't. Painting is subjective yes, and the difference between gold and bronze in comps is just a little luster as my friend Joe Orteza once told me, but in seriousness it is subjective there.

Many gamers go for the flashy, and oo shinny. I will not now nor will I ever change my style too fit the whims of others. I would be lieing too myself if I did this, and in the future I may not agree with a judging but that's fine, as that is my right. Somone else has their right too and they can disagree with me and I may not like it but as long as they stand up for themselves I will hold respect too them for it. In the end this is just a hobby for many, and for me it is a business but to use abrasive language and you know who you are only brings you down in the eyes of others. Talking behind peoples backs is just high school drama. I have always believed that in saying my gripes too somones face and have no issues repeating myself ever. Though I do not advocate violence any more in my life I do believe in the old addage by Teddy Rosevelt "Speak softly and carry a large stick!".

With that again I am sorry for issues caused to certain affected people to the individual who caused so much drama on the Ardboys forums grow up because it wasn't even about you and you were just trolling. This will be the only time you ever see me post something like this as I will stand by anything I say.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

First Tourney in almost a year!!!

Well yesterday I decided too head on down too a Rogue Trader being held at Battleground Games (not too be confused with my store Battleroad Games), and let me say I was happily impressed. The location itself was well lite, nice clean restrooms, open space for gamming and lots of tables ( I mean LOTS!!). Store wise I would honestly say my only gripe would be not as much selection overall. Paint wise he only had GW and model wise his GW was well stocked but everything was lacking severly. Now like I said this is a minor thing in the end as I was there too play in a tounrey. Staff wise I was very impressed with them as they were friendly and helpfull for getting started.

So onto the Main Event!!!! Though the tourney was 1850 I only had 1650 painted as this was my spare time army and all. I would say I haven't even spent 40 hours from building too end on it and the quality is well above many other gamers out there. This is in thanks too my trusty airbrush, but I digress. I ran short because I will not bring an upainted item too an event as this would hurt my chances at best painted. I don't go too tourneys too win anymore as I have won plenty of tropheys years ago but instead concentrate on sportsmanship and painting. The two major things too me that actually take work! My first battl was against an INCREDABLY nice fellow with a Deathwing Army. Very cheerfull and fun too play it was a great start too the day. Sad too say for me he wiped the floor with me as this was the first battle ever for me with the Blood Angels. As a diehard Chaos player this is new grounds too me. Here's some pics of the battle as it unfolded!
As you can see my heavy hitting unit piles out and assaults the bikes. I was stupid and didn't allocate hits against Samael which was a lesson I will not repeat!!! I whiped the rest of the sqd but lost after three rounds fighting him. The Reclusiarch is under heavy scrutany by the inquisition!!!

Ahhhh Big Scary Dred!!!!

This was the last recorded picture of second squad as they went into combat.....none survived :(.

The second Game was far different. I ended with a draw but sad too say the opponent was no where near as fun. To the point he was actually rther stand offish and at times rude. This though can be accounted for his age a bit as he was only a sophmore in highschool, but sad too say he also chipmunked me on sport. In the end it is what it is and my marines fought his Tau too a well won draw. I learned after how too properly use the dreds and had I done right with them could have swayed it in my favor.

Here's a side action shot, and lets just say that Redeemer earned his keep this battle. My Final Battle was against a fellow club mate by the name of Andre, and as he said "That's French for... Andre!!!". I am very much new too my club and don't know too many of the people but this guy has too be one of the best people I have gotten to play in years. He won the day but it was a well stratigised battle on his part. I made several stupid mistakes early on but they wouldn't have helped all that much. He knew what he was doing and even helped me with my rules (again this was now the THIRD game I had played with the army). We were joking, laughing, and just chatting it up more then anything. It was the perfect way too end the day and his army was even rather well painted. It's hard too see in the photographs but their is a lot of maticulous details in his army that you can't see unless you take the time on it.
A whirlwind Melee against the Inquisitor!!!

The inquisitor would fall, but imediately after so too would the Reclusiarch too bolter fire (damn ones on my dice). Like I said I loved playing against Andre and look forward too many more games.

Well I know this has been a longer post but I felt I owed you all. I will post my major gripe though about this tourney. Paint wise many told me I was the best there. In fact the store owner even told me he was suprised when he saw my name because he knows of the awards I have won. Yes I am comming across a little egotistical but I am a demon winner, and more importantly can admit when others are better then me. This was not the case it seems however as the overall winner won best painted as well. It seems his army that was dipped and then drybrushed, and looked like something I could do in a day was better then mine too the paint judge. No rhyme or reason but I lost out too an inferior painter. This did tick me off because I don't feel that just because I have awards of note that I should be expected to spend 100+ hours on every model for an army like I do my show progects. That said maybe I am just out too left field on this so here are several pics you be the judge. If you think I'm wrong then tell me please and say why!!

In the end it is what it is I guess, but it is still a severe kick in the gut too me. Well I will post some show pieces I am working on later this week and good pics of the Army until then Keep Painting people.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Too cool for words

So seldom ever do I post somone elses work because I think it's cool. Their are a lot of nice models out there but very rarely you come across one that words cannot describe. As such here is a link to the CMON thread as well as the pic. Enjoy!!!!!!!)

and here is a pic of their work, again not mine!!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

First Tourney in almost a year!!!

So minus the event I ran in the summer (which I did not play in) I have finally found an event that has driven me to want to paint, and play in. It is in fact a local Rogue Trader at a store not to far from my home. Well since my creating juices to actually paint a 40k army have been pretty much dead for over 18 months I wasn't sure what I would do. When it comes to historicals I have no problem painting armies of hundreds as it is ..... different so to speak. In this case though I dug around and found that I really wanted to play with the blood angels codex. I utterly love the models, and the rules fit my close combat desires for play so it was a solid fit, but just doing plain old cherry marines isn't my thing. That said I decided that flesh tearers was the route I wanted to head so off to the races to plan a list I went.

Normally I just like lots of troops little shooting as that bores me constantly, but I have decided that this would be different. I knew I wanted a hard hitting close combat army, and for that I planned out terminators in a landraider, 3 squads of jump assualt marines, most likely a squad of jump death company, and some good compand troops. On top of that I a;sp have two vindicators, and can fit in either some dreds, or bikes into the 1850 list. All in All I think this should be a well balanced list, with some hard hitting potential. So I guess onto the topic of discussion for you my blog readers. Is their something that helps drive you to paint in excess. I plan a above table top standard army of 1850 done in just under 5 weeks.