Monday, January 31, 2011

Too cool for words

So seldom ever do I post somone elses work because I think it's cool. Their are a lot of nice models out there but very rarely you come across one that words cannot describe. As such here is a link to the CMON thread as well as the pic. Enjoy!!!!!!!)

and here is a pic of their work, again not mine!!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

First Tourney in almost a year!!!

So minus the event I ran in the summer (which I did not play in) I have finally found an event that has driven me to want to paint, and play in. It is in fact a local Rogue Trader at a store not to far from my home. Well since my creating juices to actually paint a 40k army have been pretty much dead for over 18 months I wasn't sure what I would do. When it comes to historicals I have no problem painting armies of hundreds as it is ..... different so to speak. In this case though I dug around and found that I really wanted to play with the blood angels codex. I utterly love the models, and the rules fit my close combat desires for play so it was a solid fit, but just doing plain old cherry marines isn't my thing. That said I decided that flesh tearers was the route I wanted to head so off to the races to plan a list I went.

Normally I just like lots of troops little shooting as that bores me constantly, but I have decided that this would be different. I knew I wanted a hard hitting close combat army, and for that I planned out terminators in a landraider, 3 squads of jump assualt marines, most likely a squad of jump death company, and some good compand troops. On top of that I a;sp have two vindicators, and can fit in either some dreds, or bikes into the 1850 list. All in All I think this should be a well balanced list, with some hard hitting potential. So I guess onto the topic of discussion for you my blog readers. Is their something that helps drive you to paint in excess. I plan a above table top standard army of 1850 done in just under 5 weeks.