Sunday, December 25, 2011

Seasons Greetings too one and All!

So I am feverishly working on some British Pennisular Light Regt for a pot in a few days, amongst other things, but I thought I should just drop a line and say seasons greetings to you all my loyal readers. The reason it's seasons greetings because some people celebrate Chanukha or Xmas and as such I don't want too single out anyone. As such thank you all for your readership of this blog and over the next year I should have some really fun posts comming as Adepticon this year is going too push me too new limits painting wise. I have a 40k army too finish painting and building for Feb. and I also have a 1250 early war German army, Macedonian WAB army, and several show models I need to finish in time for Adepticon! So as such it will be a crazy kick off to the end of the world year but damn it I will make it count (btw the end of the world thing was a joke so no run offs on that).

Also DON"T FORGET TO SHOP AT BATTLEROADGAMES.COM for all of your bits needs!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Battleroad Games and Hobbies Launches bits section on webstore

Greetings Fellow Dakkites,for those of you who know of Battleroad Games and Hobbies LLC we are a Hobby Retail Webstore. As such we are further striving too bring you the gamers what you want at great affoardable prices. As such we have switched our full ebay operation to our webstore and after a lot of work I am happy too announce that our bitz section will be launching this Friday on Dec 9th. As such we are starting with just the 40k and will be adding in Fantasy by the end of next month. Reason being it takes time too switch everything over and we have too rephotograph so that you for waiting as I promise you won't be dissapointed. By the end of Jan you will be able too shop from over 600 different bits up for sale and in the comming months we will be doubling that number too make us one of the most versatile one stop shops for your bits needs. We are also a full fledged web store and sell full box sets as well from over a dozen different lines. Come January you will also see our own 28mm heroic scale bits starting with several sets of heads that you will be able too purchase at extremely reasonable prices. I have attached a sneak peak at the first set recently sculpted by Dakkas own Navarro and he is hard at work on another as well. We have also contracted several major sculptors too do even more sets that we will be releasing in the comming months.

-Dec 9th launch of the bits section with 40k.

-Monthly 20% off sales on bits as we have the "Flavor of the Month".

-Full 10% off retail on all products ordered via the webstore and phone orders.

-If you don't see it call us and ask, we may not have it up atm or maybe it's something we should add!

-Finally unlike many other bits sites we will be making weekly restock orders (trust me our distributors already love us) so as too insure if it's out of stock it will be back in within that week.

So give us a call at 508-251-0397 or shop direct via our webstore at and remember this Friday is the launch so tell your friends.

P.S: The head set shown below we retail at $10.00 for all 9 heads. I am unsure yet if we are doing these as resin or pewter.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another fine Weekend another fine tourney!

So this past weekend I decided too hit up the Battleground Games and Hobbies LLC doubles tourney for 40k. It was um....well... GREAT!!!!!! Tournies like this on are as they honestly should be for rogue traders, great terrain, great people, and lots of both, ooh ya a little fun too I dare say:)_! Years ago when I lived in Tacoma/ Seattle I went too rogue traders every month and some of those were great fun because they had a great organizer by the name of Rob McKitrick. Saddly over the years he faded away from that scene and the rogues when too crap honestly, and when I came too mass I hit a few but none really matched up. That is honestly until yesterday when my team mate and I went there with no expectations too win any games just have fun.

I am sad too announce Sam and I did win our final game and we were rather disapointed as damn it we thought we could go for broke. I did however manage too walk out with $90 store credit for having the best painted army and best single painted mini!  I promptly used it too get a friend some models I owed him so hey I was a happy camper but more I was happy because of the basic regonition of the judges and several people who noticed the work I put into it. I didn't care if I won anything as I was having fun but it was awsome too win and I promptley thanked the academy for my award and my director... wait wrong speech! Anyways looking around I did see several well done armies but more two fellow classmates of my painting mentor Mr. Mathieu Fontaine. These two fellas were brothers who had taken his classes on different ends of the country but were now back in Mass together and let me just say this. Once those two finish there armies, they are about 90% done I would think by looking at them, there will be some seriously stiff painting comp at rogues in the New England Area. These guys wowed me which doesn't happen alot but I can and will gladly admit when I am beaten and I think these two are forcing me too up my game even more.

More too the point I had three great games, and Sam and I had a clast and I for once have utterly no critiques. All around just a blast of a tourney and I look forward too more in the future there honestly and I do hope that Battleground branches into small indy GT's because I think they could handle it and run a good show.