Sunday, August 12, 2012

Confederates and Giant Rhinos, OH MY!

Hello Fellow blog readers,
          So I have not been idle since my near defeats at Games Day this year, yes yes it is sad no demon tropheys though accoarding to the judges who came up to me it was close and being I never asked them I will take that for what it's worth, but I decided as soon as I got home to get working on several other projects that needed my attention. First and foremost I am extremely happy to say I have completed my first Regiment of Confederates for the Guns of April group and I am actually happy with the results. They took a bit of work as tons of different uniforms and so forth but I think the end justifies itself and I am pleased, for once, with the outcome. I am just going to link over to the blog as you all should go and subscribe.. I mean check it out!

Secondly I have my entry for Adepticon and such and this one is so far from completion I am almost hesitant to post anything but hey why not.

He had a minor accident and fell the other night, and thankfully I caught him though his right ear had to be fixed and I used a paint on primer over it, so once the face is ready for painting I will fix that. Well with that thank you for reading and Keep Painting!