Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Changes, and apologies

Recently I went too a tourney, and as shown previously the result I was in disagreement over the paint judging. Now straight forward and too the point, though I could have phrased what I said about the demon army in a much nicer context I didn't. I did enjoy the army hence the initial pictures, but like I said I did not feel it the best painted. Recently on my club forums a friend asked a question about it too which a local gamer flew off in a childish rant saying many things that really undermined him more then anything. This person and I chatted as he feels I am a dick and a few other words that will not be mentions. This is fine, I have thick skin and in the end do not care what some individuals think of me, nor will I ever. Where I do care is that even after everything got settled internally others continued in on the issues.

Now I was wrong on several points and for this I do apologise, but not retract. I believe firmly that every action we do we should be held accountable for. Though I was wrong and admit this openly I will not retract for the reasons that I said it and for whatever reason right or wrong I should stand behind my words, and my actions. I live my life with no regret as I learned this overseas, for to have regret is too say that should have never did the action in question. I believe firmly either right or wrong at the time an individual felt that it was right, but when proven wrong own up too your mistakes and that is what I am doing here.

It has been several years since I have done Rogue Traders and the game has changed heavily. My beliefs in painting do not fit with some rogue traders, and that is fine. The beauty of it all is they don't have too because their are those who run events similar too how I enjoy them, and those that don't. Painting is subjective yes, and the difference between gold and bronze in comps is just a little luster as my friend Joe Orteza once told me, but in seriousness it is subjective there.

Many gamers go for the flashy, and oo shinny. I will not now nor will I ever change my style too fit the whims of others. I would be lieing too myself if I did this, and in the future I may not agree with a judging but that's fine, as that is my right. Somone else has their right too and they can disagree with me and I may not like it but as long as they stand up for themselves I will hold respect too them for it. In the end this is just a hobby for many, and for me it is a business but to use abrasive language and you know who you are only brings you down in the eyes of others. Talking behind peoples backs is just high school drama. I have always believed that in saying my gripes too somones face and have no issues repeating myself ever. Though I do not advocate violence any more in my life I do believe in the old addage by Teddy Rosevelt "Speak softly and carry a large stick!".

With that again I am sorry for issues caused to certain affected people to the individual who caused so much drama on the Ardboys forums grow up because it wasn't even about you and you were just trolling. This will be the only time you ever see me post something like this as I will stand by anything I say.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

First Tourney in almost a year!!!

Well yesterday I decided too head on down too a Rogue Trader being held at Battleground Games (not too be confused with my store Battleroad Games), and let me say I was happily impressed. The location itself was well lite, nice clean restrooms, open space for gamming and lots of tables ( I mean LOTS!!). Store wise I would honestly say my only gripe would be not as much selection overall. Paint wise he only had GW and model wise his GW was well stocked but everything was lacking severly. Now like I said this is a minor thing in the end as I was there too play in a tounrey. Staff wise I was very impressed with them as they were friendly and helpfull for getting started.

So onto the Main Event!!!! Though the tourney was 1850 I only had 1650 painted as this was my spare time army and all. I would say I haven't even spent 40 hours from building too end on it and the quality is well above many other gamers out there. This is in thanks too my trusty airbrush, but I digress. I ran short because I will not bring an upainted item too an event as this would hurt my chances at best painted. I don't go too tourneys too win anymore as I have won plenty of tropheys years ago but instead concentrate on sportsmanship and painting. The two major things too me that actually take work! My first battl was against an INCREDABLY nice fellow with a Deathwing Army. Very cheerfull and fun too play it was a great start too the day. Sad too say for me he wiped the floor with me as this was the first battle ever for me with the Blood Angels. As a diehard Chaos player this is new grounds too me. Here's some pics of the battle as it unfolded!
As you can see my heavy hitting unit piles out and assaults the bikes. I was stupid and didn't allocate hits against Samael which was a lesson I will not repeat!!! I whiped the rest of the sqd but lost after three rounds fighting him. The Reclusiarch is under heavy scrutany by the inquisition!!!

Ahhhh Big Scary Dred!!!!

This was the last recorded picture of second squad as they went into combat.....none survived :(.

The second Game was far different. I ended with a draw but sad too say the opponent was no where near as fun. To the point he was actually rther stand offish and at times rude. This though can be accounted for his age a bit as he was only a sophmore in highschool, but sad too say he also chipmunked me on sport. In the end it is what it is and my marines fought his Tau too a well won draw. I learned after how too properly use the dreds and had I done right with them could have swayed it in my favor.

Here's a side action shot, and lets just say that Redeemer earned his keep this battle. My Final Battle was against a fellow club mate by the name of Andre, and as he said "That's French for... Andre!!!". I am very much new too my club and don't know too many of the people but this guy has too be one of the best people I have gotten to play in years. He won the day but it was a well stratigised battle on his part. I made several stupid mistakes early on but they wouldn't have helped all that much. He knew what he was doing and even helped me with my rules (again this was now the THIRD game I had played with the army). We were joking, laughing, and just chatting it up more then anything. It was the perfect way too end the day and his army was even rather well painted. It's hard too see in the photographs but their is a lot of maticulous details in his army that you can't see unless you take the time on it.
A whirlwind Melee against the Inquisitor!!!

The inquisitor would fall, but imediately after so too would the Reclusiarch too bolter fire (damn ones on my dice). Like I said I loved playing against Andre and look forward too many more games.

Well I know this has been a longer post but I felt I owed you all. I will post my major gripe though about this tourney. Paint wise many told me I was the best there. In fact the store owner even told me he was suprised when he saw my name because he knows of the awards I have won. Yes I am comming across a little egotistical but I am a demon winner, and more importantly can admit when others are better then me. This was not the case it seems however as the overall winner won best painted as well. It seems his army that was dipped and then drybrushed, and looked like something I could do in a day was better then mine too the paint judge. No rhyme or reason but I lost out too an inferior painter. This did tick me off because I don't feel that just because I have awards of note that I should be expected to spend 100+ hours on every model for an army like I do my show progects. That said maybe I am just out too left field on this so here are several pics you be the judge. If you think I'm wrong then tell me please and say why!!

In the end it is what it is I guess, but it is still a severe kick in the gut too me. Well I will post some show pieces I am working on later this week and good pics of the Army until then Keep Painting people.