Thursday, May 19, 2011

Preping for GD and other events!

Wow... over a month since my last post... Well first off I tend not to write anything unless I feel I have something of value either to say or show.  Lately since I haven't been that far along on my demon entry (30+ hours only so far on my 40k single) I felt their was little rhime or reason to post pictures.... and I still won't :). I will say that once complete, or even a little further along , I will show pictures of it. Right now I have two progects on the table that I intend to have done intime for GD chicago. Anything further will be gravey:)!.

Now how does this Demon winner prep you may ask? Well that is the point of this post as every painter is different in how they like to handle things as demon is a top notch and well known comp. To hold a trophy in your hands is utterly amazing (trust me) and the rush that comes with it is one of the greatest feelings I have ever been able to encounter.

So too start I first need to get inspiration as this is an art compatition for what counts. The end choice comes down to the judges of course and doesn't really matter if I agree or not with their decisions as they have the final say. In last years case I knew I would have time for one entry with little in the way of conversion, so I decided upon Ogre Ironguts. I have always had a major love affair with the GW ogre models as something about them just does it for me. In the case of this year I had had my entries built for months as I was waiting for one time but two, and more importantly the knowledge that I knew what I wanted to go with. The first entry had the weapon completely redone as well as the head. A lot of the resin detail was removed as the model was Librarian Severus from forge world. I determined that he would be great as a emporers childred librarian from the pre-heresy era.  From here I planned out the story he would tell as Mathieu Fontaine once taught me that a model should always tell a story. In this case his name became "Ty're...Last Loyal Librarian of the 3rd Legion". He will be fighting on the steps of the imperial palace.

Planning complete now the building phase
Now knowing the direction I would be heading in I set about preping my model for paint. I went through 4 or 5 different heads before Mathieu told me to try a FW one. I found a bits retailer (saddly not me) on ebay who sold forge world, and purhcased several heads to try out. Ending with kor'vaydea's head as I felt it suited him best. Now some of you may be asking why a FW head, well simple. Mathieu pointed out to me that on a FW model only use FW as normal GW lacks the size and defination that are on the model and really detract overall. So with the model built I know was ready to clean and prime... no not clean the mold as I already did that, but wash the model and clear off any extra shavings I may have missed, or get rid of any remaining chemicals ,I won't want on it, from casting. Now came the priming time. Once the initial white layer of primer is down I decided to double check the model and clean any mold lines I may missed upon initial inspection. This resulted in some extra work on the weapon itself and then a reprime.From here I began the painting aspect. On that note I leave you all with this.. the other entry is the Nurgle FW  ogres!! You all will love these and as usual keep painting.