Sunday, September 9, 2012

I shouldn't have to say this.

So I have removed a inapropriate comment from my last post as I have said before I will not tolerate that type of behavior. I am open to critiques and comments but discussing sexual parts in the most crass form is not something I will accept or swear words. With that if the shoe fits wear it and if it doesn't disregard.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

More work to my Studio Mcvey stampy

Ok so no his real name is not stampy but it is more of an omage to the Simpsons for those who can remember that far back to Barts pet Elephant. I have not been idle on this model as I do intend for him to be complete by Febuary so as to enter him in the CMON Comp at Templecon. I have broken him down into sections since he is 90% skin and plan to work on his back next. I generally save the face/head until the very end of the model.. not sure why but just do. Anyways here is the pictures of where he's at atm as I am pushing around 20 hours on him so far.

Here is a front view. I really enjoyed workign to bring out the siz pack on the model but the chest took a while as I wanted a nice smooth tone to it and to really show out the muscles on him. After all he is a Giant 54mm Rhino weilding a stone axe!

Here is his back left arm. As you can see I push the contrast a lot as for me I wanted more of a choatic feel to the model and though many would choose the warmer tones I wanted something... darker.

Front right arm, I completed this part first so as to set the tone for the whole model. My skin colors are very simple. I use GW Dheneb Stone as the base, then P3 Sanguine Highlight, Sanguine Base, and Black as the shadows(in that order). And simple GW Skull White as the highlight.

The next step from here is to work more on the back. As you can see I already did a little work to it to start my basic definitions. For those interested in one here is a direct link to Studio McVeys page where he sits. After shipping it works out to between $50-$60 USD but as you can see the model is soooo worth it. Well with that keep painting and if you have any question please feel free to ask.