Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Up for Sale!

So I am selling pretty much everything personal atm as I need to raid money to cover some medical bills I am accurring. As such I am pricing everything to go big time so if you are interested then either email me at alexanderakers (at) yahoo dot com or call me at my business line at 508-251-0397. I can take payment via paypal or over the phone and I am willing to wheel and deal so the more you buy the more you get off!
First up is OOP Metal blisters. All of these are really recent but with the change to finecast all metal blisters are OOP. Each blister is $7.00 but again the more you buy the better I will deal.
40k Blisters:
-DE Lelith hesperax x2
-Eldar Avatar x2
-DE Urien Rakath x3
-SM Chaplain x2
-Eldar Farseer x2
-IG Ogre Bone'ead
-Dark Eldar Archeon
-Castellan Crowe
If somone wants to buy the whole package then I will sell them all for $200 That would save you $59

Fantasy Blister:
-Skaven Packmaster Gnawtooth x2
-Chaos Wulfrik the Wanderer
-HE Prince Althran x2
-Khorne Chaos Champ
-Skaven Tretch Craventailx3
-Skaven Warlord Spinetail x2
-DE Boltthrower
-Skaven Ratling Gun x4
-Skaven Ikit Claw
-Svage Orc Great Shaman on warboar x2
-Champion of chaos
-Ghorros Warhoof
-Skaven Greyseer
-Sorcerer of Chaos
- Skaven Warlock Engineer x2
-Skaven Warlord x2
If somone wants to buy this whole batch then I will sell it for $250.
Buy all of the blisters for 40k and fantasy $400.

-Rare Limited Gamesday Archeon on foot x2 $35 each
-2005 understatably rare 54mm wood elf GW with certificate of authenticity (it was the employee xmas gift to select managers) $95

-SM Dred left arm assembled and cleaned $13
-SM Dred cleaned right inferno flammer arm $13

- I will be posting pictures of my GK army that is over 2k as well in the next post but I am asking $950 for that plus shipping. For an extra $50 I will throw in the battlefoam x-board I converted to fit the dragon forge bases.