Saturday, March 12, 2011

Disastor Relief

Greetings everyone, I write tonight with a heavy heart. On a personal level this has been a rough few weeks but my household has stuck together like glue and pushed forward through it. I have always believed that through faith a person can get through anything. As such I also believe that a person who is blessed should always give back and have thanks for what they have, and as such have conducted myself as so for the past few years. I have taken part in many charities and plan too do many more before my life is over. From buying several dozen new toys so that a local shelter can give each dog a toy for x-mas, to spending my time publicly speaking out for Veterans rights on the welcome home progect (something near and dear too my heart). Recently I donated some product to help out the floods in Australia (the country of my fathers birth, and his resting place).

As such I bring to you all tonight the start of a month long charity event that I am going to run to raise money to help the red cross send relief aid to the island nation of Japan. When I was in boarding school many years ago I had a roomate from Hokido and he and I were great friends. I send my prayers too him and his family and hope that what money we can raise in this next month will help out in some small way. Here's how it will work:

-Anyone can offer up product, time, money anything, and we will run a raffle. All of the product and the winners will be picked on April 12th that way we can go a full month. At the end of the month anyone who donated will be entered into the drawing and it won't stop until all of the prizes are given away.

-This is very similair to the storm wardens progect except their will be multiple winners and prizes. I will be posting the paypal info to donate next week but I am hoping that you all will spread the word on this.

-Already Jeff Hall has donated a painted battlegroup for warmachine This is very generous of him.

-I will be donating 2 things for starters a conversion of a 28mm model for 40k or fantasy. The winners choice!!!!

-Also I will donate 1 battleforce NIB winners choice.

Well their it is people, if you want to donate something please let me know at battleroadgames (at) yahoo dot com. I thank you all and watch for the paypal donation widget in the next week.