Thursday, April 29, 2010

Solomon Demeter and FW!!

So a little work here and there and Demeter is pretty much complete in being built. I plan on using the Spacemarine commanders breather backonce it arrives in the mail, and will create a banner for it. Base wise I am not fully sure atm what I will do but most likely something with the Laer in Mind.

After speaking with multi-demon winner Mathieu Fontaine I drew upon his criticism about the hands, the rivets, and the sword. I created a semi gaurd around the upper hand since this is supposed to be a finely crafted weapon, and fixed the rivets on the shoulders to much smaller ones.

As for the FW Space marine I have gotten a little work on him but I would say he is barely 10% done. Here are a few pics though to wet the whistle on him.

By the time he's complete I believe a safe estime would be between one-two hundred man hours just in painting him alone....You don't want to know how long it took just to clean him trust me he was in baddddddd shape.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

May blog Contest!!! Winners from april announced in the last post!!

Alright so here are the rule, and they are very simple. Since May is my bday month, and a great kick off to summer I decided that I will do a contest(I just love handing out prizes).
1.) Be a follower of the blog
2.) You must send a pic of the model unpainted and has a time stmap on the picture. This way you prove you are starting with a clean unpainted model.
3.) You must send at least 1 wip pic and as many final pics as you so desire.
4.) The model must have a summer theme!!!!!!!!!
5.) Models pics must be sent to the corresponding email address I post by May 31st 11:59 pm!!!
6.) You may pick any model,squad,vehicle of any range/ company as long as you paint it in summer theme.
7.) You are only allowed ONE entry!!!!
8.) I will be the final judge!!

Now what do you get as prizes you ask well my biggest give away yet people!!!!!! 1st place will recieve $100.00 to either or 2nd place will get $50.00 to either of those two, and 3rd will recieve $25.00. The best part is thewinners get to pick which of those two!!!!!!!! I will even do battlefoam is one of the winners really want, and I will cover the shipping so all that product in your pocket!! So pick up those brushes, and follow my blog because Ican't wait to see what you all do!!!!

And the winners are!!!!

Jeff Hall, and Scherdy You both win $30.00 each of dragon forge, and remember it's technically $35.00 so go on Jeff's site, send me an email at for what you are interested in(codes preferably) and I will order it for you. Also please send me your mailing address as that kinda helps:). Now I chose jeff because I utterly loved his idea, and though I may or may not do it for demon I have to do it for my pre-heresy army that dave taylor built. Scherdy was choosen by me rolling a die and seeing what number it landed on. Oddly it rolled one twice and the one was jeffs post...hrmm thats force is strong in that one. NOW all of that said I decided to make a competition for may that I will announce now. A painting contest in summer theme!!!! The winner will get... $100.00 to either Dragon forge, OR the warstore their choice. The two runners up will get $50.00 for 2nd and $25.00 for third. This is one entry per person and it can be any category or any company line just in a summer theme, and you have to send the pics of the reciept showing you bought it may first or later, as well as the wip.!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ok change of plans

Ok so since no one has really sent me anything yet on a company name/logo I can going to stir the pot a bit. New rules, if you do send me something and I like it by the first you will get something special. Now those who post a comment to this blog post will be entered into the hat. Here is what I am looking for ideas for golden demon on what you would like me to do. On the first I will pick two names who will each win $30.00 of dragonforge product. JUST FOR POSTING!! OO and you still have to be a follower people.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Last post for a week!!

Ok so I am flying to Arkansas this weekend for a week for work. Saddly this means no models(but I do have the thousand sons book to occupy my time) so I figured I would post a few pics of one of my other entries I am still building. This fella is still WIP as well but since I love the Emporers Children I decided to convert and paint up Solomon Demeter the 2nd Company capt for the Emp Children pre-heresy. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WIP for demon 2010

ok so some fast pics of one of my wip for demon this year:

Further explanation on blog contest!!

Ok to many people are over thinking this so I am going to say this as simply as possible. I am just looking for an idea for a gamming company name and a design. You do not need to be a graphic artist, or a professional painter just come up with a drawing email it to me, and have a name attached to it. If I like it I will give you $50.00 of dragonforge product of your choosing. Now their is a secondary prize for just being on the blog. The winner has to be a follower and will be given...wait for it... $25.00 of their choosing. I thought this would be a really simple way to hand out some cool swag, but it seems some people are thinking to in depth. Thats cool, and thank you for it but I just want to know what do you think a cool name for a gamming company is that is not taken. Also what is a cool design, you can come up with it and I may modify it a little or not at all but draw something, makes a jpeg doesn't matter just have FUN!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Blog contest!!!!!!

Alrighty one and all. I have said in the past I will be doing more of these so here it is. This time around I will be doing a very simple contest. What I am looking is all of you followers you get the chance to win $50.00 in Dragon Forge products, and a second place prize of $25.00 that I will purchase for you of your choosing. I am in the process of reforging my old gamming company and turning into a web based corp. ATM I am working with sculptors to produce my line of minis that will be attached to the company, and am looking for ideas on names and a symbol for the store. I have had trouble creating a name for my company and am branching out to you all. As said I am also looking for designs for the company itself as our emblem. Heres how the rules go:

1.) As usual Be a follower of my blog!!!
2.)I the design must not infringe on any IP rights for other said companies.
3.) Must not be a name of any company currently out there on the web, and can't infringe on their IP rights.
4.) All designs must be emailed to me no later then May 1st at 12:01 AM.
5.) Be inventive people I am looking for something catchy!

Email entries to . Let the ideas flow people!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wargames Factory vs Warlord Games!!!!

So recently I started painting my celts which will be my germanics in an upcomming campaign a close friend of mine and I are doing together. We will be squaring off with him and his imperial romans vs my germanic tribes. Now I must profess it has been some time since I painted historical armies, and it is much more different then painting SCI-FI. As such the first warband is table top as the whole army will be but it is below my personal table top standards. So after pondering it I went downstairs (ahhhh my oo so cool basement not hot ahhh) and looked at some free sprues of warlord games celts that I snagged and compaired the two. Here is my observations of both companies:

Wargames Factory: lots of models, great price, and look great...until you put paint to brush at which point you notice all the flaws. The models are as many have complained way to open handed. This is a big deterance as the hands lack in major definition so painting fingers and thus the weapon makes the models look well tacky. The hands are clunky and rather cheap and after talking with a good friend who knows the sculptor I found out why. The sculptor uses the digital machine, now normally a good graphic artist can produce a wonderful sculpt highly detailed, and down right amazing. This guy has not and continues to produce junk. The models themselves have large indentation gaps between body parts and this is after extensive cleaning of them. All in all out of a 5 star I would give them a 2 as the heads are horrible the body parts are missportioned and all in all you are getting what you are paying for.

Warlord Games: Now I sat there extensively going over the models and looked at my friends which were put together, some painted some not. I have to say the models are well detailed and even maybe a little too detailed in parts(some of which can be derived from these former GW employees), but they are all in all great sculpts. Well detailed faces which paint up amazing, good solid definition in the body parts, and all in all a greater model in comparison to wargames factory. They do not use open hands and though I understand why some companies do to have interchangability it is by and large a bad idea. With clear cut sculpts that are less in pieces then warlord games and because of the flow of the model I give Warlord Games a 4 out of 5. The reason being that though they produce a quality model the shipping+price even if you can get it from the warstore is still a little on the high end, and the sprues don't have to much enterchangability unlike Wargames factory. If they were to add one or two more different poses with the legs and chest then they would most definately have a 5 out of 5.

Well their you have it people, if you are looking at these two companies take it from me. Go with warlord games!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Winds of change!!!

So with just over a month out I have been exceptionally busy pulling together the final details for the boston brawl next month in May. Thankfully I now have a great team surrounding me, not that I didn't before but now we have more so less work spread out, and we are charging full bore ahead. Life is however throwing a few monkey wrenches at me in the terms of my home and stuff and getting some new wiring done and central air installed but hey that all works out for me.

I have been hinting to some that soon I will be pushing my personal company forward into a new genre. I will be working with sculptors to create a line of minatures that will be for sale. I will not yet tell you all but for a hint I will say it is historical and I am hopeing to launch the line with 10 sculpts to start so it will take a few months. I am confident though that once we are pressing the molds that these will sell as I have been talking a lot to people at conventions and found out what time line though would most like to see. With that said I bid you all good night, and good Dice!