Monday, April 5, 2010

Winds of change!!!

So with just over a month out I have been exceptionally busy pulling together the final details for the boston brawl next month in May. Thankfully I now have a great team surrounding me, not that I didn't before but now we have more so less work spread out, and we are charging full bore ahead. Life is however throwing a few monkey wrenches at me in the terms of my home and stuff and getting some new wiring done and central air installed but hey that all works out for me.

I have been hinting to some that soon I will be pushing my personal company forward into a new genre. I will be working with sculptors to create a line of minatures that will be for sale. I will not yet tell you all but for a hint I will say it is historical and I am hopeing to launch the line with 10 sculpts to start so it will take a few months. I am confident though that once we are pressing the molds that these will sell as I have been talking a lot to people at conventions and found out what time line though would most like to see. With that said I bid you all good night, and good Dice!

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