Monday, March 29, 2010

Back from adepticon

Well I apologize for not posting these last night as I caught an earlier flight out of my old home town chicago due to being extremely sick. Suffice to say I even left work early today as I couldn't get my temp below 100degrees so ya fun times right:) Anywho was a great event, and loved running into old friends and chatting them up. Joe Orteza introduced me to some great individuals who I count myself lucky to get to pick their brains apart. The premier class off the weekend though was Mr. Matteui Fontaines and let me just say he made it worth going alone. Here is a great guy, and a rather funny french canadian, who was an amazing teacher. Now my class with the Wappels was fun too hands down, but I have decided if I can go next year(possible afghanistan deployment looming over head atm) then I will only do seminars and some historicals.

Now quick shout out to my mates Jason, Dave, and Joe was a blast and hope to see you guys at baltimore. Now on a sadder news I am cutting back my commissions from now on and will only take on 3 clients a year. Now with this I am doing this to concentrate more on getting their progects done respectfully and forth with, also I am trying to advance myself and you may see some minis comming up for sale shortly under the guise of my company Rogue Valley Minis. As a hint ACW, now if your on my list on clients right now I.E Jim then have no fear perminate spots are open, but here next month I will be taking on one more client for the years as I have another already lined up. Onto the pics.


  1. It looks like Jason Dyer is in one of your photos, it also looks like Dave Handy a bit in one.

  2. I'm not sure it's Doc... or a dead, bald man. :)

  3. Yes doc was in two of them as he was a team mate :). Not sure if that was dave handy facing off against Dave taylors blood pact. I must admit his pact is more impressive in person then on photograph.

  4. Thanks for taking a pic of my bald spot while I was asleep there. Bastard... ;)

    -Chris aka Ozymandias