Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry X-mas too all!!

Well I just wanted to say thank you to you my blog followers. Another year has passed with another get set of posts. I have really pushed myself this year painting wise and this has been a great thing for me and I am greatfull for the abilities I have learned. I encourage all of you to try and do the same because only through failure will you ever be able to succed.

So thing's to expect in 2011, well my company Battleroad  Games and Hobbies will have not one but three new miniature lines comming out. each line is being sculpted by some very famous (well in the sculpting world that is) sculptors, and they have been hard at work let me tell you. The first line which is an American War for Independence will be comming out in later January 2011, the next line which will be Bootlegger (1920's prohibition skirmish game) will be in the late summer of 2011, and finally a techno gladiator game at theend of 2011. The last two are skirmish games that will have our own published rules and such so this is partly why they are taking their times to be produced. This way our game testors can get back to us so as to insure you the client has the most fun with the products we produce.

Well people this is it for me for 2010, expect a post early in 2011! Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

X-mas gifts from the heart, and your bits bin!!

So a friend of mine out in Washington State who has helped me out with a lot of business lately said he needed a chaos sorcerer. So I dug into the bits box(of which is huge since I am bitzing stuff out and have tons of leftovers), and after a totaly of 75minutes over two nights this is what I came up with for him. He is going to paint it but I just thought it would be fun. I left some room at the top of the standard with the metal rods so he could add two more heads on them. He is a avid nightlords players and has won conquest northwest two years in a row now for overall. With that here's the pics enjoy:

Front shot, since I didn't have a Space marine missile hand on hand, I decided that he would be cuping his hand as a force type thing. Today I added a horned skull to it as I just felt it appropriate.

Using Bits from Dragonforge, and from the seekers of slaanesh I crafted the force staff. Being sorcerers make packs with daemons for their powers I felt the corrupt ness appropriate.

I just thought since he was a character that a standard was well deserved.

"Alas poor Urik, I knew him well"

Well I hope you all like him, as I feel he should be a fine xmas gift, and goes to show that with $3-$5 dollars worth of bits from my ebay store what you can accomplish.
You can find all of the afformentioned bits I used(except the dragonforge ones) at my ebay bits store later this month.
As usual C&C welcomed and keep painting.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Pre-Heresy Army up for sale

Well it pains me but I am selling this army. I  am not going to be able to get to it for a few years, and I will need reconstructive surgery on my ankles in the near future so I am selling it. It pains me to do so but it is what it is. Anyways here is the link, bid strong bid proudly and just bid.

Also if this auction get's over $1000.00 I intend to donate half of the proceds to charity!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Progress on the 6in grey knight!!

Ok since my time is limited I am just copying what I wrote on coolmini and reposting to all of the other forums and blogs that I am apart of.:

Ok so I have been working on this believe it or not. Like I said this is somewhat slow going but being it is the first "big" progect I am not really wanting to mess up. As such I took some advice from JRN and redid some of the chest work, and advice on how to work on the detailing. This has actually helped me emmensly as it is making the progect easier to sculpt, and thus meaning their is less for me to cut away and redo.

Here you can see the arm as that is probably the only part of this model complete atm. I still have a lot of work to do on the gun but it is moving along. When the gun is complete their will be a handle bar under the palm, and a butterfly trigger by the thumb as this seems the most practical way they would be able to shot these(be mindfull fluff wise they only carry 20 rounds).

As you can see I am having to resculpt body parts that I cut away and as such I needed to do the connecting parts between the armor. This was suprisingly easier then I though, and I knocked that out while watching NCIS LA . As well as more work on the gun.
Finally I cut deeper into the chest because instead of the plaques I wanted to do the ingrained texting on the armor. Though it really says nothing I think it is far better then before. I may redo the book a bit on the chest, but I may wait till the end to see how it all matches up.

Well there you have it I am not fast with this like others so updates will be slow but I am suprisingly intrigued with this progect so I will actually finish it. For those of you btw wondering what happened to lord Nelson well... he decided to take a bath in Simple Green yesterday, and will be restarted soon. The face was just really annoying me so I had to start over. This time I will start with the face directly.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Proof that I have lost my mind!!

So a while ago (over a year) I purchased one of the FW 6in space marine models. Well I knew I wanted to always enter him in GD some day, and I started to paint him. Suffice to say I didn't like how he was turning out so I threw him in a vat of simple green and left him unpainted for months. So about a month ago I talked with a many time over slayer sword winning friend of mine, and I was going to commission him to turn the model into a Custodes. Well I still may have him do that one day but as I said I have always wanted to put this model into GD. So I sat down and starting cutting and hacking and I had determined that I would make him a GK as I knew I could pull this off. Well he is a long way from complete but here are the initial pics, enjoy.

Here is a shot of the left arm. As I said still very WIP.
Closer shot of the chest. The square is where the book of litanies and the sword will be sculpted. I knew I couldn't dig deep enough to put the inscriptions in the armor, so I dug down a little, and placed plaques instead that read Holy, and Terra. While working on this I sit there and have Stargate on, and a pic of a GK on the Computer.

Finally here is a pic of a WIP 3rd legion librarian for the Emporers Children, and yes that's pre-heresy.

I am waiting on some cabling before I continue, but already he is shapping up nicely.

And don't worry I will continue work on Lord Nelson in a week or so as I was getting rather annoyed at myself with him and had to take a break. Well I hope you enjoy these wip. As usual keep painting.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Update on Lord Nelson

Ok so a small update on Lord Nelson for you all. I spent another 3 or so hours on him thus bringing him too 7 hours total of work, and as you can see nothing, and I mean nothing of him is done. I had a small misshap on his face, and may end up having to redo the whole thing. I don't mind but it is more of an annoyance at myself for not thinking as I work, and just living off in lala land. Anyways here he is and as usual C&C welcome. Just a fast note btw, if I like how he turns out I will be entering him at adepticons crystal paintbrush comp.
As usual Keep painting, and see you next time. BTW I will be doing a contest if we can hit 100 followers by 100 posts, and being this is post 70 I think we can do it. This blog is barely over a year old too.

Finally a WIP pic for you all of a Space Marine Librarian. He will be for the emporers children Pre-Heresy:

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Black Scorpions Lord Nelson

So a while ago I had the honor of picking up the third cast version of Black Scorpions lovely Lord Nelson (their title not mine, and yes I know he's and admiral). As such with adepticon looming I figured I would paint him for it so as such here are the very early pics of him as he is no where near complete.

Finally here is a pic of the nest Hannoverian SYW Reg't I will be doing. He is the test model for the 4-B (funny the first reg't I did was 4-A CONSPIRACY I TELL YOU!!!) so I hope you enjoy.

As usual Keep Painting people, and C&C always welcome. With that I wish you all seasons greetings.