Sunday, December 19, 2010

X-mas gifts from the heart, and your bits bin!!

So a friend of mine out in Washington State who has helped me out with a lot of business lately said he needed a chaos sorcerer. So I dug into the bits box(of which is huge since I am bitzing stuff out and have tons of leftovers), and after a totaly of 75minutes over two nights this is what I came up with for him. He is going to paint it but I just thought it would be fun. I left some room at the top of the standard with the metal rods so he could add two more heads on them. He is a avid nightlords players and has won conquest northwest two years in a row now for overall. With that here's the pics enjoy:

Front shot, since I didn't have a Space marine missile hand on hand, I decided that he would be cuping his hand as a force type thing. Today I added a horned skull to it as I just felt it appropriate.

Using Bits from Dragonforge, and from the seekers of slaanesh I crafted the force staff. Being sorcerers make packs with daemons for their powers I felt the corrupt ness appropriate.

I just thought since he was a character that a standard was well deserved.

"Alas poor Urik, I knew him well"

Well I hope you all like him, as I feel he should be a fine xmas gift, and goes to show that with $3-$5 dollars worth of bits from my ebay store what you can accomplish.
You can find all of the afformentioned bits I used(except the dragonforge ones) at my ebay bits store later this month.
As usual C&C welcomed and keep painting.

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