Thursday, December 9, 2010

Proof that I have lost my mind!!

So a while ago (over a year) I purchased one of the FW 6in space marine models. Well I knew I wanted to always enter him in GD some day, and I started to paint him. Suffice to say I didn't like how he was turning out so I threw him in a vat of simple green and left him unpainted for months. So about a month ago I talked with a many time over slayer sword winning friend of mine, and I was going to commission him to turn the model into a Custodes. Well I still may have him do that one day but as I said I have always wanted to put this model into GD. So I sat down and starting cutting and hacking and I had determined that I would make him a GK as I knew I could pull this off. Well he is a long way from complete but here are the initial pics, enjoy.

Here is a shot of the left arm. As I said still very WIP.
Closer shot of the chest. The square is where the book of litanies and the sword will be sculpted. I knew I couldn't dig deep enough to put the inscriptions in the armor, so I dug down a little, and placed plaques instead that read Holy, and Terra. While working on this I sit there and have Stargate on, and a pic of a GK on the Computer.

Finally here is a pic of a WIP 3rd legion librarian for the Emporers Children, and yes that's pre-heresy.

I am waiting on some cabling before I continue, but already he is shapping up nicely.

And don't worry I will continue work on Lord Nelson in a week or so as I was getting rather annoyed at myself with him and had to take a break. Well I hope you enjoy these wip. As usual keep painting.

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