Tuesday, November 30, 2010

To cool for words!!

So a friend in Denmark made this for his kids, and I thought it was just to awsome not to post. For those curious he was also the sculptor of the little princess I made (btw update on that I hated the base so I threw it out to make a nice simple winter one). Anyways just wanted to post this pic so I hope you all enjoy:). Also check out his site : http://www.jrn-works.dk/ as he does own his own miniatures company and produces some cool stuff.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Runic Miniatures Little Princess Complete!!!

So last night I decided to sit down for an hour and finish up the little princess. Though I am not entirely happy with my end result she still came out fairly well. I ended up redoing her hair 3 times asI was not happy with the result, and the veil twice. My initial plan was to have pink involved with the model but to say the least this did not happen because I was not happy with the initial base pink I laid down. All in all around 7-8 hours so she was fun to paint. I hope you all like her, as I have a touch more to do with the base but that is namely to add more snow. As always keep those brushes painting, and if you ever see something you like on here and are interested in purchasing almost all of my models are always up for sale. I am also free for the moment for commissions and you can contact me at alexanderakers at yahoo dot com.

Friday, November 26, 2010

To Ebay and beyond!!!

That's right people. Since the holidays are upon us, which means my electric bill rises to ungoddly prices, I have decided to clear out the cabinet(so to speak) and sell some of the stuff cluttering up my shelves. So that means I am selling the Ogre Reg't I won my demon with, some romans from warlord games, and several of this years GD chaos sorcerers.
Ogres Link:

Roman army link:

Games Day Models links:

So with that I say bid hard, bid often, and just plan old bid:)!

Also don't forget Battleroad Games and Hobbies is having our weekend blowout sale.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Battleroad Games and Hobbies Black Friday Sale!!!!!

THAT'S RIGHT!!!!!!! My personal company is going to launch a Black Friday weekend sale. We will start on friday and go all the way through too monday with it. 20% off everything we sell (must phone in orders only as the web page is not fully prepared to take sales through it).
We will start each day opening the phone lines at 9am each day and stay open till 10pm EST so as to allow you the customers to have plenty of opportunity to do all of your shopping you need.  All orders domestically will ship for $4.95 USD up to $50.00 USD. After that they ship for FREE, International costs are 10% of order up too $100.00 USD then they ship FREE . So checkout our website http://battleroadgames.com/, and give us a call this weekend so as to insure you get what you want for the holidays.

P.S Any orders placed during this time will be honored so if we run out, then no worries. We have a one business day turn around with our suppliers, and are able to get restocked quickly so asto not inconvience you the buyer.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Minden Hannoverians, and Gorgon Studios Etruscans!!!

So I have been extremely busy as of late painting historicals from the SYW to Etruscans to Cowboys... OH MY!!!(don't forget Samurai soon too), and let me say I have had a blast. Very different then GW models and tons of fun. Well to kick off I am going to Adepticon this year, and the little wife will be playing in the WAB team tourney with me ( she's just thrilled:) ) so I need to knock out a 1000pts army for her for the event as I will be running samurai. Well this gave me a reason to purchase more of the Gorgon Studios Etruscans that I love ( WOOT WOOT) and finally sit down and start painting them. I decided to do the cavalry and one of the two phalanxes first. This way half of the force is complete. As such I learned a couple of things as I made some major newb mistakes while working on the cavalry but thanks to the models they still came out ok so I am not too upset. I plan on increasing to two cavalry units by 2012  though so I will have another go around at least:). Anyways here's those pics:
Here's a quick group shot as you see. I placed them on bases of two because I won't just be using these for WAB but for future fights against early romans.

Here's a side shot. I intended to use the transfer for the shields but to say the least they are not too easy to work with so I just left it as is for now. I may come back later if I have time.

Here's a shot of the multiple armor types they have. These models are great, and had I painted the horses first, they probably would have looked better but either way they were great casts, and fun to work with. I kept the horses simple... as well I hate painting horses what can I say.

Now onto the Mindens: if you look in my blog role you will see the Minden progect which is the baby progect of one Frank Hammond. He started this progect as a way to build excellent quality SYW models, and believe me he and his sculptor Richard Ansell delivered!!! Saddly Frank only takes on a limited number of clients as he doens't want to be in the industry again but I count myself fortunate that I get to be one of these exclusive people(thanks uncle Jim). Right now I am slowly working on the Hannoverian Brigade for the Battle of Fontenoy, but will add 2-3 more British brigades over the next year or two as well as a cavalry brigade. My plan is for a 2012 battle of fontenoy at the Seven Years War convention in South Bend. Anyways here's the pics so enjoy.

Quick group shot of the 30 strong reg't.

Command shot. I still need to add the tags to denot the Reg't on the back of the base and the officers weapon top as I replaced them with brass rods, but otherwise these are done. The flags came from Flag Dude.com and they are awsome. I fully recomend him if you don't have any as he knows his stuff, and the prices are great. Technically this was the second battalion I painted but the first did not stand up to my expectations so they went into the simple green to be stripped, and will be painted next.

Well that's it for now people. I hope you enjoy and as always C&C welcome no matter good or bad. As always Keep Painting and see you next time fellow bloggers.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When lines are crossed!!

So instead of posting pics of WIP or talking about some of the miniatures ranges I am producing for my company Battleroad games and Hobbies I thought I would talk about our hobby and crossing boundaries on models. Now what do I mean by this, well simply put when is a model just a model and when does it become to much graphically to the point where we are ashamed to even let our family members see it. I am bringing this up because today I has the distinct displeasure of seeing a model from the kingdom of death line that was called  "the wet nurse" .

This model (I refuse to even post it on my blog so as to not demean myself) has countless boobs, a baby suckling from them, and a penis whip that protrudes from the anus to interact with the naked female models that come with it. Normally when it comes to nudity and our toys I look the other way as well... they are just models. I have seen some hardcore bondage models on coolminiornot that people have done, and all I see is the amazing work that the painters did on them. I don't see the nudity, or the fact of what it is but more see the artistic side of the model.

The owner of this company on a forum ( not to be named) even stated that it just took the eggs from the women and fertilized them which to me sounds more of rape. I posted privately on a part of the forum and stated that I felt the thread should be removed to which several people just made childish remarks about the boobs. Now personally I know their is a lot of grey area in our industry as so many people want many different things, but if a number of people state that they would be ashamed to show a model to their friends and family that is when I say that the model has gone to far and should be kept to the sellers site alone. I want to know what you think of this my viewers because I for one am just appauld at this point. If you think i'm so far to the right on this then tell me why you think so. if you can present a valid arguement against my opinon hey I have no problem correct myself, but please remember no foul language on my blog.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Runic Princess, and WAB road to adepticon

Well normally I don't treat you blogger with constant WIP as I feel a couple quick shots and then the final is the way to go, but for kicks I figured why not since I am taking my time on this mini, and slowly working through it. So far I have only put in around 5-7 hours of work, and I intend to do a lot more with it.I will either put a moon or a star on the hat in the final step, and then I was thinking of maping out the big dipper on the back cloak. Either or I am having a lot of fun with this mini. I was thinking if I was a better sculpter I would creat a base of a candy mountain(visit chalie he loves it there, and if you don't know what I am talking about you tube candy mountain).

Here is a font shot of here, as the face took a while for me to work on. I took suggestions from the sculptor on how to go about painting her because I wanted to incorp pink into the model( shoot to be the pieces on the hat). Jakob suggested if I use pink then I should make the hair black so as to allow the colors to pop more. Not one to bat down ideas from a multi slayer sword winner, and origonal member of the eavy metal team with Mike McVey, I hopped right on it, and actually liked the results. I am still in distress about what to do with the orb on the end of the wand, but I am sure one of you fine subscribers can give me some solid insite.
Here is the customary back shot, as I feel these help give you a better feel for the model and how it flows. Now Jakob has stated that he is already begining sketches on a knight to go alongside this model, so I for one am very excited to see what he produces. Jakob Rune Nielson has also agreed to join the Battleroad Team as one of our contract design, and sculptors and will be working on a special progect that we hope to release by historicon of 2011. More snipits to come in the future, but I for one know that this special progect will get many of you excited out there.

Finally here is a fast pic of the Gorgon Studios Etruscan cavalry that I am painting for the wifes army for adepticon. She is being.... I mean she happily wants to play in the Warhammer Ancients Battle team tourney:)_, but doesn't have an army. I intend to bring out my Perry Miniatures Samurii army for the whole weekend that I will be painting in the upcomming months, but I need to knock out this 1000pts force just in case I don't find a team mate. If any of you are interested and play WAB and will be at adepticon let me know.

Yes the pic is not that great but I will  post more on these later as I plan on finishing them up today. Well that's it people, and thanks as usual for reading my blog. My next contest btw will be a small holiday Give away, and also a really big one once we hit 100 followers so tell your friends, and as usual "Keep Painting".

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Runic miniatures Little princess... and two devil dogs:)!

Well I though I would kick this off with some pics of a great miniature I have been working on lately. This model comes from the talented mind of Jakob Rune Neilson http://www.runicminiatures.dk/index.php. Let me say that this is actually one top notch model that he origonally created with inspiration from his daughter. I am having a blast with this mini, and already have a second one that I will be doing ... more of a ... darker purpose with. The second will be demonic:). Well without adu here's the pics.
Here is a front view I took while sitting at the computer desk.
Here is a pic of the frog familiar she is holding. Now normally I hate familiars as well I suck at them, but this one was fun, and wasy to do. Also I am not fully done with it but I worked namely on it while watching ghost hunters halloween live episode(Ghost adventures is better but another topic for another time).
just another front pic.
A pic of the cape. Now I am by no means done with this model, and only have 3 hours sunk into it, but I think it is comming along smashingly.

Finally I though I would post a quick pick from this halloween as it is my favorite holiday of the year!!!!!
Here's the devil dogs all dressed up, and ready to hand out candy. Last year the Min Pin (peanut) was Heffner the playboy pimp! Saddly we were all a little upset because we only had 7 trickor treaters, now this painter has 4 bags of candy and is getting tired of eating it(except the butterfingers.. yum). Well their it is people. I hope you enjoy this, and I will be posting more pics of her while I work/ finish this one up.

Also I will be attending adepticon with the wife, and playing just warhammer historicals that weekend and doing classes, so if you see us say howdy.

Finally Battleroadgames.com is almost live!!!! We have finished most of the site, and the web designer is busy uploading and setting up the store so once that goes live let the shopping begin!! As usual keep painting and see you next time, and thanks for reading.