Monday, November 15, 2010

Runic Princess, and WAB road to adepticon

Well normally I don't treat you blogger with constant WIP as I feel a couple quick shots and then the final is the way to go, but for kicks I figured why not since I am taking my time on this mini, and slowly working through it. So far I have only put in around 5-7 hours of work, and I intend to do a lot more with it.I will either put a moon or a star on the hat in the final step, and then I was thinking of maping out the big dipper on the back cloak. Either or I am having a lot of fun with this mini. I was thinking if I was a better sculpter I would creat a base of a candy mountain(visit chalie he loves it there, and if you don't know what I am talking about you tube candy mountain).

Here is a font shot of here, as the face took a while for me to work on. I took suggestions from the sculptor on how to go about painting her because I wanted to incorp pink into the model( shoot to be the pieces on the hat). Jakob suggested if I use pink then I should make the hair black so as to allow the colors to pop more. Not one to bat down ideas from a multi slayer sword winner, and origonal member of the eavy metal team with Mike McVey, I hopped right on it, and actually liked the results. I am still in distress about what to do with the orb on the end of the wand, but I am sure one of you fine subscribers can give me some solid insite.
Here is the customary back shot, as I feel these help give you a better feel for the model and how it flows. Now Jakob has stated that he is already begining sketches on a knight to go alongside this model, so I for one am very excited to see what he produces. Jakob Rune Nielson has also agreed to join the Battleroad Team as one of our contract design, and sculptors and will be working on a special progect that we hope to release by historicon of 2011. More snipits to come in the future, but I for one know that this special progect will get many of you excited out there.

Finally here is a fast pic of the Gorgon Studios Etruscan cavalry that I am painting for the wifes army for adepticon. She is being.... I mean she happily wants to play in the Warhammer Ancients Battle team tourney:)_, but doesn't have an army. I intend to bring out my Perry Miniatures Samurii army for the whole weekend that I will be painting in the upcomming months, but I need to knock out this 1000pts force just in case I don't find a team mate. If any of you are interested and play WAB and will be at adepticon let me know.

Yes the pic is not that great but I will  post more on these later as I plan on finishing them up today. Well that's it people, and thanks as usual for reading my blog. My next contest btw will be a small holiday Give away, and also a really big one once we hit 100 followers so tell your friends, and as usual "Keep Painting".

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