Sunday, June 20, 2010

Soon I will return!!

Well my time here at annual training is nearing a close, and I for one am extremely excited as that means a lot of things will be happening soon for me. In July myself and my business partner Lenny C. will be founding our own gaming company called Battle Road Hobbies. It will be started with the launch of our own product line of American Revolutionary 28mm figs. We are "EXTREMELY" excited for this to say the very least and it will be followed in upcomming months with a full fledge store of 20-25% off on everything(MSRP) year round. Thats right you the client will get some killer deals on your favorite hobby supplies. Now this isn't the only thing I have got going on ,as I stated, in July it will be a very busy month. I also have 13 time Multi Demon winner Mathieu Fontaine(arkansath on my bloogroll) comming down to teach a intense two day workshop of golden demon style painting. Now we only have 9 spots remaining so strike while the iron is hot on these people($110.00 a ticket).

What is included is the warhammer Ogre you will be working on as well as 3 YES 3 catered meals, and 3 top end brushes per person. That my friends is a lot of loot as well as 22 hours over two days with one of the best painters of our time. I for one am utterly excited, and btw if you want Mathieu to come to your area to give a class email him (all the info is on his blog) as he is more then happy. Well I am off to tend to my physical soldiers as their is a lot of post work to be done and being their SGT. is a never ending duty. Until next week people.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Off for three weeks!

Well I am off for the next three weeks having a lovely paid working vacation for the National Gaurd here in mass. If you can't tell sarcastict is the word of the day it would seem. What to expect when I get back is pics of several progects going on. Yes I do have an announcement after almost 15 years I will be quiting 40k for most likely good as I focus on my historicals and my warhammer fantasy more. I will be auctioning off most of my 40k stuff on ebay when I get back and rolling all of that money into my gamming webstore that will be opening later this year for all of your purchasing needs. That said I will be posting links but their will be a few mega armies and pieces you all won't want to miss out on. So with that I bid you all happy painting and a found adu. See you in 3 weeks.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And the winners are....

toon in next week as this week I am bringing to you another episode of terrance and phillip...

JK bad humor I know:
Gold: Jason Buyaki
Silver: Lenny Caira
Bronze: Mistress Of minis

I will try and get some pics out this week as I am posting this from work, but could the winners please send me an email at the address with what they desire as their winings.

Now I wanted to shoot a plug out to this great charity fund raiser that a bunch of fellow bloggers are producing. They will paint a outstanding army of spacemarines that you can win all for a buck. Yep thats rights by donating a dollar you are entered to win, and for every dollar more you get another shot at winning. I know I will be putting in money every paycheck(as I already have) since I love the charity they are working for " Doctors without Boarders", and am a strong supporter of charity. If anyone of you have one you are interested in raising money for let me know as I have no problem painting models to be sold off. Without adu heres the link to dave taylors blog with a description.

Finally the next contest will be hopefully soon as I will be giving out $50.00 in dragonforge bases, and in case you were wondering that will be once we hit 50 followers, and I entend to do even more at 100 followers. So thank you all for entering and keep painting as I can't wait to see what you all produce.