Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Isable from studio Mcvey

So namely I am just practicing stuff trying to improve(I still have so far to go in my painting abilities but at least I am on the right track), and so as such I though I would do Studio Mcvey's isable. Now namely this was just an excuse to practice with the new camera and light box, and yet again I still have so much to learn. Anyways as always C&C welcome as long as it's constructive.

ATM I am working on a reg't of 30 Minden Hannoverians for the Seven years War. Now I love these models through and through and let me say the detail is by no means lost on them. The upside cool models, the downside TONS of detail. I am about 75% through on them and will post once complete. I stripped my first battalion I painted of them as well my paint job sucked horribly but thats fine with me. They are next up to get repainted next month.

Also I wanted to take this time to show you all the New Logo for Battleroads Games and Hobbies. This was turned in 2 hours before the end of the compatition and the team and I utterly loved it. The shirts have already been ordered for the employees and I am happy to say I will have a deal where you the client can buy one(polo style) with your own name to it if you wanted.

And finally I thought I would show you all the true dedicated workers of Battleroad Games and Hobbies. Without these two individuals the company would not exist:

The black one is my Miniature Pinscher Peanut, and the tan one is my Chihuahuah Pendragon. Soon to join will be the final edition to the family a full size doberman female that the wife wants to name rose or something like that. Well to you all I say keep painting and i look forward to hearing your C&C.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Pleased to announce!!

Alrighty one and all, I am writing today because with all of the paperwork done and materials ordered I am now able to officially say I am the proud owner and founder of Battleroad Games and Hobbies LLC. Recently as most of you know I was laid off from my job working for the Dept. of the Army. Well I was recently hired and have a new IT job as well as founded this soon to be online gaming supply store. We will pride our business on excellent customer service and fast shipping.

Everything will be below MSRP and I am proud to say we will be one of a select few for distributors of new companies comming out of Europe. Be sure to stay abreast of Battleroad Games and Hobbies as we will be launching our own product lines as well for miniature soldiers(historical) and should be fully operational by mid October if all goes semi well(sooner if flawless but I'm a realist). Thank you again and I look forward to putting out more great news such as this.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Day to Remember.

I remember growing up and finding a extremely old paper in my grandparents basement. My Grandmother had said that it was the paper from the day of what once was the greatest disaster in American History. That was until September 11th 2001. She had always said she remembers exactly where she was and what she was doing when she found out that the Japaniese had attacked Pearl Harbor and would never forget it. To this day she hasn't and she is pushing 89.

I was in basic training never expecting that I would be drawn into a war were I would actually use what I was learning. I remember one of the other trainies lucky and him in tears as his father worked at the world trade center. Luckily enough his dad was on a business trip that day but it took him over 3 days to find that out.

Days such as these will go down in the annals of our history and it is said because it is not for some great invention or some beautiful peace of art, it is for death. I was an Infantry soldier and I have seen war. I saw the true ugly side of human nature and I lost friends because of it. I choose this day to remember them and those who passed. I remember those people and pray for them that were on the airplanes that crashed into New York, Washington D.C, and of coarse in a field in Penn. I ask that all of you take a moment to remember them and their sacrifices.

I have been called a hero and even nominated for medals for my actions, but I am no hero. To me those that died truely are, and with that I ask please do not take this day as a holiday, or a day to burn other religions words of god. Take it as a solom day to remember 5000+ heros. Thank you and god bless.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pre-Heresy and Romans.. oh My!!!

Well I have been rather busy since Games Day. I have started on Studio Mcveys Isable and trust me have found his work to be truely a challenge(but fun). She is not even ten percent into completion but hopefully when she is done I will have picked up a few new things for my painting.

Onto the Title of this weeks blog. First off I would like to start with a quick WIP shot of my Warlord Games Roman army. Now this is just one model I am photographing but I love the models all the same so I grabbed one at random. Now this is not even 50% done, but it is a fast paint either or. I am basing the colors around the Brutii Family for this cohort and will do two cohorts of 18 models each to a legion. Now I only use the veteran models as they have the ture feel of a roman army on campaign for me, and thats what I am shooting for. With that Igive you the glimpse of the model in question C&C welcome no matter good or bad.

Now for those of you who don't know I am a HUGE emporers children fan, and with the Horus Heresy novels out I had to have an army of Pre-Heresy Marines. Now in late of 2009 I contracted friend and model master Dave taylor to build me this wonderful army and believe me he certainly deliverd. Though not cheap the army was well worth it and I will most certainly cherish it for years to come. Now I am slowly painting these as I am in no hurry and am having fun. A few minutes here and a few there equal a squad over a week or two. Now be mindfull these are table top but they most certainly took some time to paint and I am rather pleased with the turnout. Anyways onto the pics.

Well thats all for now and with that I wish you all Happy paintings.

P.S: All commissions are now finished and I am open to recieving New ones as of tonight. Email with your intrests at alexanderakers at yahoo dot come.