Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Isable from studio Mcvey

So namely I am just practicing stuff trying to improve(I still have so far to go in my painting abilities but at least I am on the right track), and so as such I though I would do Studio Mcvey's isable. Now namely this was just an excuse to practice with the new camera and light box, and yet again I still have so much to learn. Anyways as always C&C welcome as long as it's constructive.

ATM I am working on a reg't of 30 Minden Hannoverians for the Seven years War. Now I love these models through and through and let me say the detail is by no means lost on them. The upside cool models, the downside TONS of detail. I am about 75% through on them and will post once complete. I stripped my first battalion I painted of them as well my paint job sucked horribly but thats fine with me. They are next up to get repainted next month.

Also I wanted to take this time to show you all the New Logo for Battleroads Games and Hobbies. This was turned in 2 hours before the end of the compatition and the team and I utterly loved it. The shirts have already been ordered for the employees and I am happy to say I will have a deal where you the client can buy one(polo style) with your own name to it if you wanted.

And finally I thought I would show you all the true dedicated workers of Battleroad Games and Hobbies. Without these two individuals the company would not exist:

The black one is my Miniature Pinscher Peanut, and the tan one is my Chihuahuah Pendragon. Soon to join will be the final edition to the family a full size doberman female that the wife wants to name rose or something like that. Well to you all I say keep painting and i look forward to hearing your C&C.


  1. I do too avtually. I did a contest on a forum and offered up a GW battalion Box, and some bases to go with it. Also they get a shirt with it onthat says logo Master. I have some extras uncle Jim I will shoot you one. It may be a little big but is always shrinkable.