Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pre-Heresy and Romans.. oh My!!!

Well I have been rather busy since Games Day. I have started on Studio Mcveys Isable and trust me have found his work to be truely a challenge(but fun). She is not even ten percent into completion but hopefully when she is done I will have picked up a few new things for my painting.

Onto the Title of this weeks blog. First off I would like to start with a quick WIP shot of my Warlord Games Roman army. Now this is just one model I am photographing but I love the models all the same so I grabbed one at random. Now this is not even 50% done, but it is a fast paint either or. I am basing the colors around the Brutii Family for this cohort and will do two cohorts of 18 models each to a legion. Now I only use the veteran models as they have the ture feel of a roman army on campaign for me, and thats what I am shooting for. With that Igive you the glimpse of the model in question C&C welcome no matter good or bad.

Now for those of you who don't know I am a HUGE emporers children fan, and with the Horus Heresy novels out I had to have an army of Pre-Heresy Marines. Now in late of 2009 I contracted friend and model master Dave taylor to build me this wonderful army and believe me he certainly deliverd. Though not cheap the army was well worth it and I will most certainly cherish it for years to come. Now I am slowly painting these as I am in no hurry and am having fun. A few minutes here and a few there equal a squad over a week or two. Now be mindfull these are table top but they most certainly took some time to paint and I am rather pleased with the turnout. Anyways onto the pics.

Well thats all for now and with that I wish you all Happy paintings.

P.S: All commissions are now finished and I am open to recieving New ones as of tonight. Email with your intrests at alexanderakers at yahoo dot come.

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