Monday, August 30, 2010

Pro Painted vs Seriously?

Ok so I figured I would talk about something that has been on my mind lately. As usual I have been looking through forums and ebay and all sorts of places at minis as well, that's my hobby! I have come to the point were I really begin to wonder what the hell people are thinking when they post a "Pro Painted" model and charge an arm and a leg for it.

Now to many a true "pro" is a painting master or someone who has won demons, and other painting trophies of note, but for some reason people who have no actual talent claim to be pro's. Now I know a dictionary discribes professional as someone who makes a living off something, and yes their may be some "professional"painters out there that are actually good, but many don't seem to know a brush from a stick, and charge more when they obviously have no actual control in their paiting. I for one do not sugar coat things for people especially on forums. If I think your painting sucks I will tell you why and make suggestions on possible ways to improve. Now to my inspirations I am no where near their calibar, but I hope one day to be. Anyways I leave you with these pics as some of you have requested them. Some are of my Ogres that won me a my first demon some are the phoenix guard that dave taylor built for me. Keep painting people and let me know what you think of what I have posted as I love you critiques good or bad!

A pic of my favorite one of the lot. I threw out the display at games day as I thought it sucked :).

Group shot!

Side shot of the favorite!

I took a better pic of the Sorcerer as asked.

One day the primarch will join his retinue... not sure when. Missing is the banner carrier as he is not finished. These are of coarse table top quality.

Finally a single shot of fulgrims Elite.

Well that's it for this post people, thanks for checking out the blog and I promise next week to have some cool pieces up for you. I just finished building(and fixing) isable from Mcvey studios!


  1. I like these minis of your's, very much so.

    I also agree with your sentiments about the decline in quality of supposedly pro-painted minis, especially on the major trading hubs.
    Personally I aim pretty high, but I know I still have room to improve in a lot of areas.
    Do I call myself pro? Well if your definition is that 'you make a living off painting and miniatures' then I guess I fall under that. I have done some fairly dodgy paint jobs in my time so I will leave it up to others to decide if they like my style enough to shell out. Realistically I often am my own worst critic so I find that my own minis end up in a limbo state of half complete paint jobs when I get frustrated with a particular way something has come out. Inevitably I return to them three or four months later when I do something for a client that makes me go "Oh I See!"
    On top of that it is kinda hard sometimes to justify painting your own stuff when you know you should be working on something that gets you paid... :P

  2. Great points all around, and I dare say I agreee. When I do commissions I don't take on many because I really just like to take my time. Models is not how I make a living and their are days I rather not even touch a paint brush.

  3. I know that feeling all too well, on days like that I head out back to the shed and play with rocks and diamond saws. lol!