Friday, March 5, 2010

Saying Thank you for tournies!

Well time is fast appraoching for two mondo events for me this month and I am extremely excited for both. I have my wedding as well as adepticon one weekend after the other. I am not going on a honeymoon this year as I bought a house instead(and I like being able to pay my mortgage), but I did however start a new job that pays better so this will relate into my hobby fund nicely. I wanted to chat for a minute though on tournements and criticism.

Now recently one of my tournies sponsors held a tournement. Sadly I was not able to go as time/money restrictions with everything going on atm, but I stayed abreast of the situation and waited patiently to find out the results. Sadly on the Dakka Dakka forums several people who didn't go there started flamming him over how he ran it due to one persons unhappiness. This ended up turing into one long flame session that honestly made me rather upset. As I have found recently a lot of time, money and heart go into creating one of these events and it shames me when people who aren't even at the event start bashing the organizor.

Now out of 50 people you are never going to please everyone, and this is always going to be the case, but for those few 3 or 4 you don't they will ruin it for others suffice to say as they will often badger the organizor so much that they won't want to run it again and so 4 people ruin it for 46. So here is what I say if you go to an event no matter how big or small afterwards if you were unhappy then have the balls to say hey I think you could have improved on this event for X and X reasons, but otherwise I had fun and thank you and your family for the time you committed for us. It takes months of prep work all for a 1 or 2 days event and weather you won or lost it will be the grown up and sportsmanlike thing just to say a simple "Thank you". No two words will make a person happier then "Thank You". so to that organizor and all the others out there I say even if I am unable to be at your event....."Thank you for all your hard work".

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  1. and thank you for putting it so succinctly.

    People suck when it comes to person interaction. I blame the internet.

    I also always go out of my way to thank the organizers of any event I participate in or just go to watch.