Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wargames Factory vs Warlord Games!!!!

So recently I started painting my celts which will be my germanics in an upcomming campaign a close friend of mine and I are doing together. We will be squaring off with him and his imperial romans vs my germanic tribes. Now I must profess it has been some time since I painted historical armies, and it is much more different then painting SCI-FI. As such the first warband is table top as the whole army will be but it is below my personal table top standards. So after pondering it I went downstairs (ahhhh my oo so cool basement not hot ahhh) and looked at some free sprues of warlord games celts that I snagged and compaired the two. Here is my observations of both companies:

Wargames Factory: lots of models, great price, and look great...until you put paint to brush at which point you notice all the flaws. The models are as many have complained way to open handed. This is a big deterance as the hands lack in major definition so painting fingers and thus the weapon makes the models look well tacky. The hands are clunky and rather cheap and after talking with a good friend who knows the sculptor I found out why. The sculptor uses the digital machine, now normally a good graphic artist can produce a wonderful sculpt highly detailed, and down right amazing. This guy has not and continues to produce junk. The models themselves have large indentation gaps between body parts and this is after extensive cleaning of them. All in all out of a 5 star I would give them a 2 as the heads are horrible the body parts are missportioned and all in all you are getting what you are paying for.

Warlord Games: Now I sat there extensively going over the models and looked at my friends which were put together, some painted some not. I have to say the models are well detailed and even maybe a little too detailed in parts(some of which can be derived from these former GW employees), but they are all in all great sculpts. Well detailed faces which paint up amazing, good solid definition in the body parts, and all in all a greater model in comparison to wargames factory. They do not use open hands and though I understand why some companies do to have interchangability it is by and large a bad idea. With clear cut sculpts that are less in pieces then warlord games and because of the flow of the model I give Warlord Games a 4 out of 5. The reason being that though they produce a quality model the shipping+price even if you can get it from the warstore is still a little on the high end, and the sprues don't have to much enterchangability unlike Wargames factory. If they were to add one or two more different poses with the legs and chest then they would most definately have a 5 out of 5.

Well their you have it people, if you are looking at these two companies take it from me. Go with warlord games!

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  1. What about the size difference between the two makers? Is Wargames Factory a better size comparison between it and Games Workshop? Or is the Warlord Games miniatures roughly the same size and will not look itty bitty to a GW based army. From what I have studied up on, it's looking like Wargames Factory is more akin to the size ratio of GW, where as WL is alot smaller, ranging between 25mm and 26mm. Is this true and in your opinion would you purchase WG's miniatures to be more competitive to GW miniatures on the table top or WL miniatures?