Thursday, April 29, 2010

Solomon Demeter and FW!!

So a little work here and there and Demeter is pretty much complete in being built. I plan on using the Spacemarine commanders breather backonce it arrives in the mail, and will create a banner for it. Base wise I am not fully sure atm what I will do but most likely something with the Laer in Mind.

After speaking with multi-demon winner Mathieu Fontaine I drew upon his criticism about the hands, the rivets, and the sword. I created a semi gaurd around the upper hand since this is supposed to be a finely crafted weapon, and fixed the rivets on the shoulders to much smaller ones.

As for the FW Space marine I have gotten a little work on him but I would say he is barely 10% done. Here are a few pics though to wet the whistle on him.

By the time he's complete I believe a safe estime would be between one-two hundred man hours just in painting him alone....You don't want to know how long it took just to clean him trust me he was in baddddddd shape.

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