Tuesday, April 27, 2010

May blog Contest!!! Winners from april announced in the last post!!

Alright so here are the rule, and they are very simple. Since May is my bday month, and a great kick off to summer I decided that I will do a contest(I just love handing out prizes).
1.) Be a follower of the blog
2.) You must send a pic of the model unpainted and has a time stmap on the picture. This way you prove you are starting with a clean unpainted model.
3.) You must send at least 1 wip pic and as many final pics as you so desire.
4.) The model must have a summer theme!!!!!!!!!
5.) Models pics must be sent to the corresponding email address I post by May 31st 11:59 pm!!!
6.) You may pick any model,squad,vehicle of any range/ company as long as you paint it in summer theme.
7.) You are only allowed ONE entry!!!!
8.) I will be the final judge!!

Now what do you get as prizes you ask well my biggest give away yet people!!!!!! 1st place will recieve $100.00 to either thewarstore.com or Dragonforge.com. 2nd place will get $50.00 to either of those two, and 3rd will recieve $25.00. The best part is thewinners get to pick which of those two!!!!!!!! I will even do battlefoam is one of the winners really want, and I will cover the shipping so all that product in your pocket!! So pick up those brushes, and follow my blog because Ican't wait to see what you all do!!!!


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  1. thinking of #2:

    If I have a model that's primed, does that count as painted?