Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ok change of plans

Ok so since no one has really sent me anything yet on a company name/logo I can going to stir the pot a bit. New rules, if you do send me something and I like it by the first you will get something special. Now those who post a comment to this blog post will be entered into the hat. Here is what I am looking for ideas for golden demon on what you would like me to do. On the first I will pick two names who will each win $30.00 of dragonforge product. JUST FOR POSTING!! OO and you still have to be a follower people.


  1. Hey Alex,

    How about for a Golden Demon entry you do an Emperor's Children Pre-Heresy Speeder that is done like a Chariot? Chariot style back half, with a jet biker in the front as the driver. I recall there being one of those in the HH Artbooks. That would look sweet.

  2. oooo I like it I like it..You have my mind thinking:)

  3. How about a more off-the wall diorama peice?

    take each of the chapters who are basically old school movie monsters (vampire, wolfman, zombie etc) and do a mini for each - in the style of the old monster movies

    ham it up and put them all together. :)

    All joking aside, as an idea for a diorama that uses a monster movie chapter, how do yout hiki the chapters "house" marines with the black rage, or wolfies who've gone over?

    I'd like to see how they are cared for and transported on the battle-barges :)

  4. Lets see...

    How about a Grey Knight coming through a portal onto a daemon world? You always see Daemons bursting out of portals, how about you flip it up? Like the Grey Knight is the one invading.

  5. I like the portal idea. Perhaps Eldar bursting out of a Webway into an unsuspecting outpost?

  6. Something eldarish - maybe redo one of the older models that isn't too dynamic like a warp spider and give it more life. They're too cool to have such a single, similar pose. I always liked the idea of their death spinner weapons turning someone to pulp on the inside.

    For a name...The Gamist? Yeah, that is filled to the brim with awesome.