Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And the winners are!!!!

Jeff Hall, and Scherdy You both win $30.00 each of dragon forge, and remember it's technically $35.00 so go on Jeff's site, send me an email at alexanderakers@yahoo.com for what you are interested in(codes preferably) and I will order it for you. Also please send me your mailing address as that kinda helps:). Now I chose jeff because I utterly loved his idea, and though I may or may not do it for demon I have to do it for my pre-heresy army that dave taylor built. Scherdy was choosen by me rolling a die and seeing what number it landed on. Oddly it rolled one twice and the one was jeffs post...hrmm thats force is strong in that one. NOW all of that said I decided to make a competition for may that I will announce now. A painting contest in summer theme!!!! The winner will get... $100.00 to either Dragon forge, OR the warstore their choice. The two runners up will get $50.00 for 2nd and $25.00 for third. This is one entry per person and it can be any category or any company line just in a summer theme, and you have to send the pics of the reciept showing you bought it may first or later, as well as the wip.!!!

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