Monday, April 12, 2010

Blog contest!!!!!!

Alrighty one and all. I have said in the past I will be doing more of these so here it is. This time around I will be doing a very simple contest. What I am looking is all of you followers you get the chance to win $50.00 in Dragon Forge products, and a second place prize of $25.00 that I will purchase for you of your choosing. I am in the process of reforging my old gamming company and turning into a web based corp. ATM I am working with sculptors to produce my line of minis that will be attached to the company, and am looking for ideas on names and a symbol for the store. I have had trouble creating a name for my company and am branching out to you all. As said I am also looking for designs for the company itself as our emblem. Heres how the rules go:

1.) As usual Be a follower of my blog!!!
2.)I the design must not infringe on any IP rights for other said companies.
3.) Must not be a name of any company currently out there on the web, and can't infringe on their IP rights.
4.) All designs must be emailed to me no later then May 1st at 12:01 AM.
5.) Be inventive people I am looking for something catchy!

Email entries to . Let the ideas flow people!!


  1. Can you give us any more info on the products you'll be supplying? That would help me figure things out.

  2. It will be basic gaming supplies similar to thewarstore. The first line of minis will be American revolution.

  3. Just so I'm clear, here.

    You're basically looking for someone to help you come up with your company name, and a subsequent logotype for that company, yes? Is there anything more helpful that you could provide in terms of guidance, since there's so few guidelines right now other than 'we're making and selling miniatures' that it feels like there's no real starting point to develop from.