Sunday, October 16, 2011

DA Boyz GT is only a few days away!

Granted I do not have my usual strand of strong anticipation as I do for Adepticon (I mean who wouldn't for adepticon) but I am still rather nervous as this is the first indy 40k GT I have actually done since 2006!!!!!! I was signed up for one two years ago at adepticon but I fell horribly ill and ended up catching the early flight home. In the words of my friend Joe Orteza " I looked like Nurgles rot!". Anyways I have been plowing away at the army, display board, and army list....wait army list? For those who will face off against me they will recieve my list as a purity seal that I sculpted on a 60mm round real quick and attached some parchment too. I felt it addes a little bit of fun to the whole deal and to thank my caster (who is also my ride to the event) I sculpted him one too for his nurgle.
Here's a little overview show of the army as it stands. I am working on the squad to the lower front right and the brotherhood champion and should be finished tues night. In the mean time I also will have too paint the xboard that I sanded down and put all of the hex stones ( and other stuff) on as it is too mimic the dragonforge bases of the lost empires. Jeff Wilhelm being the amazing friend he is made me a master mould too create the hexes from and from there my casting mate did up around 340. Jeff believed it would take 500 and I thought he was right..Had I covered every inch in it well maybe but I didn't because it is a ruined temple. I can use this for my Dark Eldar, and Macedonians as it all fits very easily!

The brotherhood Champion was a fairly easy conversion/ kit bash. I thought about sculpting it and so forth further too really set him apart but time is not on my side.

A little side shot of "La Fontaine" or the land raider for those of you not in the know I guess.
Here's my best friend Hans riding my wife...ya I did it people!

The final squad (now several layers in on paint). This is my only mixed squad in terms of weapons as I needed the points for other things. Well there you have it people. I will get some final shots of everything (seals and all) on Thurday at the hotel but until then I hope you enjoyed the post and as always keep painting.

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