Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Product Reviews!!

Now it seems that I am geting trolled here on my own blog which I would guess is a good thing because that means people took time out of their lives to read my reviews MAZALTOV!!! Now I know some companies may not like the reviews and may claim false allegations on me and that is fine. The point of the reviews is to put an unbiased idea out there about the companys by and large. Most companies will not be childish and post and DAKKA DAKKA about me but hey if they do thats fine, because all they are doing is drawing more people to the blog and reinforcing the point. People only get upset when the truth is presented to them I learned that day one of college psych! If you don't like the reviews then fix the problems and shoot me and email and I will test your company again except it will be a blind testing with one of my friends doing the ordering. If I find the company has fixed itself then I will publicly print a retraction. Now in the case of Chapterhouse they got upset and thats fine. I make no attempts to conceal myself nor will I ever. Nick like I said you have cool product just your overall customer service is bad. Wargames Factory didn't get upset at me for my posts, and believe theirs wasn't so hot either, but it is the truth. I understand some of you may not like what I have to say and thats fine, but all I am doing with these is showing my side of these companies in a review. So far we have looked at and to recap:
-Warlord Games 4/5 stars
-Wargames Factory 2/5 Stars
-Gorgon Studios 4/5 stars
-Chapterhouse studios 1/5 stars

If in the end you get heated over one person typing a review then maybe you shouldn't be in business. As of this moment though if I feel you are attempting to troll the blog I will delete your posts, and for those of you who do enjoy this blog I am truely sorry for this and promise that it will never arise again.

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