Thursday, July 1, 2010


Greetings one and all I am dropping this post so you all know I am alive and kicking. This past week since getting back from annual trainging has bee a tough one. Due to budget cuts in the Gov't I have been laid off. As such I was not willing to rish starting my own company at this time as I needed to make sure that money went to keeping my family afloat for the next few months. So with that said I am now accepting even MORE commissions. Here are my baseline prices people their is no negoitiation on these so please don't attempt to stiff me.

regular 25/28mm model $10.00(2 coats of paint)$15.00(3 layers very smooth) and show quality ranges from $20.00-$300(depending on what you are looking for).
Horse models add $2.50 to each price.

Vehicles for 28mm and such start at $20.00(plus $5.00 if I have to build it) $40.00(some freehand in use), and anywhere from $60.00-$300.00.

15mm is $2.50 flat rate for troops cavalry what have you with $10.00 per vehicle.

I also charge $1.50 per base if you want me to base your models. REpeat customers get discounts(since well they are repeats). If you are interested or know anyone who is please email me at alexanderakers at yahoo dot com.

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