Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Out with the old in with the new.

So with Adepticon comming up I decided to clear out the closet of all of the old stuff so I could have some spending cash for new toys:). As such here's a big sale to clear out my personal closet and open up some room. If you want to buy any of these please email me at alexanderakers (at) yahoo dot com. I accept Paypal and credit cards.
All of the prices are simple, price as is plus shipping. On smaller stuff shipping is $5.00 and bigger is $12 as these are flat rate shipping boxes.

UPDATED to whats left!
Perry Miniatures American Civil War 2 Boxes $30 for the lot.

Warlord Games Crimean War $60 for the lot

Warlord Games Plastic British WW2 infantry $40 for the lot

Warlord Games WW2 Chindits 3 Boxes $50 for the lot

Warlord Games WW2 Screaming Eagles group $50 for the lot

Warlord Games British Warband $15