Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Macedonians for Sale

So once I get these sold and out of the way I will finish up my adepticon wrap up. ATM I need to affoard major surgery for my wife so as such that means sale. I am selling my Macedonian army I used at Adepticon. All of the models are Wargames Foundry and painted to exceptional levels. I even took home a crystal brush for some of the Peltasts. I don't really want to part with this army but family first so as such I am looking for a total of $1100 for everything. The price even includes the shipping!

Here is also a link to some of the peltasts
All told their is 48 Painted Armored Philangites, 32 Unarmored Painted Philangites, 8 painted archers, 10 painted Companion Cav. Unpainted their is another 10 companion cav, 8 archers,3 command on horse, 24 unarmored, and 8 armored command If you want everything else painted with the order to match the army I can do that np but it will cost and I can't get started until the beginning of August. Payment for that must be made though when purchasing. To finish painting everything I would throw in a deal at an additional $500 and that includes the shipping as well. If you are interested in this army let me know at alexanderakers (at) yahoo dot com.


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